Threads Passed 10 Million Users In Just Seven Hours

Threads, an Instagram app

Threads has expanded its availability to more than a hundred nations. Gaining traction for a new app is challenging, but Instagram has made it simple to begin using Threads with your existing account. Instagram is also encouraging its users to join Threads via cross-promotion. You may create a Threads account using the same username and public name as your Instagram profile. You may also copy and paste your Instagram bio and profile picture.
Threads’ design recalls that of Twitter. Threads may be created by users and can include text, images, and video. You may get likes, replies, and rethreads from other users. You’re limited to 500 characters per post and may include a 5-minute video.
Threads’ Instagram verification mark is the app’s most eye-catching feature. Verification badges on Instagram and Threads are identical, so if you have one there, you’ll have one there, too.
To help users keep in contact with their Instagram pals, Instagram released a separate messaging app called Threads in 2019. Unfortunately, this software will no longer be available after December 2021. The firm has reintroduced Threads as a substitute for Twitter.

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