Vaping RTA vs RDA: Few Things You Should Know About Vaping

Vaping RTA vs RDA: Few Things You Should Know About Vaping 1

Are you really looking to quit smoking? Well, we all know that smoking can lead to an addiction that can sometimes cause serious health problems. After you have developed an addiction to smoking, stopping it might not be as easy as you might have thought. A lot of people have tried out different methods and strategies. Some of which have shown promising results while others only make things worse. One of the methods often preferred, is to switch to vaping using atomizers. With that said, here are a few things you need to know about atomizers.

Atomizer and its types.


This acronym is used to mean Rebuildable Atomizer. This is a general word for vaping atomizers. The RBA can also contain a deck. This is advanced vape equipment that involves adding more items to this atomizer. You can install wicks and coils. These installations are known as builds. See this link to understand more about how an atomizer works.

Advantages of RBA.

  1. Mega clouds.

This apparatus offers the best results in releasing super dense clouds. If your builds are all working at their peak, then best believe you will achieve mega clouds of vape.

  1. It is a learning experience.

From coil building and installation of the atomizer to choosing the kind of wick you prefer and one that produces the best results, you learn a lot of interesting fields like conductivity, coil building and you also acquire new unique skills.

  1. Quality apparatus and structure.

Materials used to manufacture these apparatuses are strong, made of stainless steel and long-lasting. You cannot compare these to normal e-cigarettes.

  1. Produce more vapor.

As compared to e-cigarettes, these apparatuses definitely offer more vapor production. They are highly reliable in vapor production than e-cigarettes which will not last for long compared to these.

  1. Offers combinations and choices to choose from.

The RBA has different types of atomizers to choose from. Apart from choosing which atomizer to use, its builds come in different sizes and shapes. For example, coils come in single coil, double coil, or even quad coils. You can also choose the material you will use for a specific kind of coil.

The following are the different types

  • The Genesis
  • The Rebuildable Drip Atomizer
  • The Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.

The Genesis.

It is one of the types of this atomizer. It has a liquid reservoir that is the e-liquid. This e-liquid is burnt up to a point of vaporizing henceforth the vaping system. It contains wicks which are made by rolled steel mesh which is tightly installed.

The RDA.

This stands for Rebuildable Drip Atomizers. The drip atomizers do not have a reservoir, which in other atomizers store the e-liquid. Instead, the e-liquid is dripped to the wick and coil constituents. A consumer can get 5 to 6 puffs before it ends and he/she will need to add up the juice. Some of its build-ups are, the coil and wick.

Advantages of RDA.

  • It has the ability to make dense mega clouds of vapor which is, of course, satisfying to vapers.
  • You can change your flavor anytime you want to instead of changing the tank, since you just drip the flavor you want to use directly as many times as you want to.

The RTA.

This is an acronym for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. The RTA tanks have an e-liquid reservoir. For this equipment, the e-liquid is filled from the lowest point. The consumer can choose the RTA with basic normal tanks or choose the advanced ones with customized coils and flow adjustment depending on their preference.

Benefits of Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.

  • It is flexible since you can choose to attach the builds.
  • It is less costly as compared to other RBA equipment.
  • It is easier to engage then the RDA.
  • It produces a great and pleasant flavor.
  • They hold more fuel capacity as compared to other apparatus.
  • There are many RTAs to choose from. You can choose your preferred shape or color of these accessories.

Disadvantages of this atomizer.

  • You need to be an expert and have experience to install and replace the build-ups, that is, the coil and the wick, to achieve a perfect working apparatus.
  • You need to constantly dismantle your RTA, empty and wash it to change the flavor or the fuel you are using.
  • The coil only lasts for up to 2 weeks. These are a few points that can help you get the correct product when comparing RTA vs RDA

Different types of atomizers have various positive and negative results. They all have the same rating. None is better than the other.

Your preference is the only thing that counts. Instead of opting for e-cigarettes, get yourself a rebuildable atomizer which will fascinate and give you top-notch experience.

You can choose which one to opt for and later try out the others. How fun is that? You will experience awesome results in all cases. Leave your basic e-cigarette and get adventurous.

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