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Volterman – World’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet

Volterman is the world’s most powerful smart wallet as well as a lightweight power bank. The idea for this device came into the mind of Azat in 2014 and over a period of time, the team is ready to launch Volterman on a large-scale. Its design has been created by the Backbone Branding Creative design studio. With each Volterman wallet, you will be provided with 3 types of cables, for micro USB, iPhone and the Type-C connector phones.

How does it work?

The smart wallet consists of a power bank which helps you charge your smartphone when required. It includes a Bluetooth alarm system, which will alert you when you leave your wallet or phone behind. It’s Wi-Fi hotspot feature enables you to enjoy the internet anytime and anywhere. The device also sports a tiny camera which takes pictures of the person who opens the wallet in its “lost mode” and sends it to you.

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  • Uses an Arm Cortex A9 CPU with 512 MB of RAM and 32 GB ROM along with 64 GB of embedded SD memory.
  • Includes a camera of 4 MP and a 5.0 Bluetooth.
  • Consists of A-GPS and 2000, 2600, or 5000 mAH power bank.
  • It is 11 mm thick and weighs 120 g.
  • It’s resistant to water as well as heavyweights or heating.
  • These wallets are RFID protected against data theft.
  • Provides Wireless charging.
  • Volterman app is supported by both – iOS and Android.
  • Made from genuine Nappa leather.

About Volterman Product

Volterman - World’s Most Powerful Smart WalletThe Volterman wallets have been developed continuously over a period of 2 years and have emerged as an excellent product of the fusion of the innovative thinking and the modern technology. These products are of the superior quality and are made from high tech equipment which ensures durability, and they have one year guarantee against technical defects and functionality. What more a man can ask?

The product is a crowdfunded startup on Indiegogo.com. The price of Volterman wallet is just 238 USD, so hurry up and pre-order your first smart wallet. They are also offering discounts.

Please, Don’t Buy it!

Recently we have shared the link on this article on our Twitter Handle @techniblogic

We got surprise to see that many please haven’t received the product yet! You can check what they are saying in this tweet comment section.

wallet can charge your smartphone ASAP VoltermanWallet
Tweet Comment in May 2020

In our gadget series, we try to share innovative products that are coming to the market. Hope they solve the issue with the company.

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