Emergency Update By Amazon For Fire TV Stick Users Check Why? 

WRITTEN BY Purusharth Malik

A cybersecurity firm was known as Bitdefender  is said to have found  the three security bugs in Fire TV Stick

Serious Bugs found in Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Bug in Amazon Fire TV Stick

According to some sources, one of the security bugs was that the streaming device can be easily hacked via a method known as PIN brute forcing.

This news raised issues for Fire TV Stick users, but now a update has been released before any users have been picked out.

How to save your device from Hackers. 

To prevent anything bad from happening in the future, it's crucial to make sure your device is properly updated to the most recent OS version.

How to update your Fire TV Stick

Go to ‘Settings’ on your device, click ‘My Fire TV’ on ‘About’ and ‘Check for System Update’, if there’s an update available you can install it instantly.