JioDive VR Headset launched for IPL 2023, Check Price, Feature

WRITTEN BY Purusharth Malik May 9,, 2023

JioDive VR Headset Price

JioDive VR headset launched in India for Rs.1,299 and it will be available to purchase via JioMart. 

JioDive VR Main Features

1. Immersive 360 view on a virtual 100-inch screen. 2. Users can switch between different camera angles. 3. It is equipped with a 3-way adjustable strap for better comfort 

JioDive Compatibility

Supports both Android and iOS smartphones having screen sizes up to 6.7 inches.

How to order JioDive VR

You can order the JioDive VR via the JioMart platfrom for Rs.1,299.

How to use JioDive VR

Install the JioImmerse app on your device and you can use the JioDive VR.