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WhatsApp has Introduced Story Sharing to Facebook and Instagram

WhatsApp is rolling out the idea of letting it’s users to share posts from their WhatsApp status to Facebook stories. The users who are enrolled in the Beta program will likely start to see a new sharing option below my “My Status” option. According to WhatsApp, users WhatsApp status will not be shared automatically on other services; the company wants the feature to be an active decision on the part of the user.

In 2014, after Facebook acquired the messaging service back, WhatsApp promises that it wouldn’t share user data with Facebook. WhatsApp is a social media application that functions independently and autonomously and claims that they are not linking WhatsApp with Facebook. Sharing feature basically makes use of the Android existing sharing functionalities, allowing users to share WhatsApp status to other social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, Google photos etc.

By now both the companies are keeping their separation pledge and it is clear that both the applications; WhatsApp and Facebook are not going to be linked together and the WhatsApp user data is not going to be shared. It’s pretty good news as the user’s privacy is still secured. Well, in order to see how status sharing functions, you can sign up for WhatsApp beta program by visiting play Store.

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