WhatsApp is reportedly testing support for third-party stickers on the web app

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WhatsApp never fails to update and test new features.  Earlier this year, WhatsApp tested animated stickers for the iOS, Android and the web version of the application. But now WhatsApp has been testing the support for third- party sticker for the web application.

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The beta tester of the application shared a screenshot of monkey sticker pack that is being used by the WhatsApp web application. The screenshot clearly determines that sooner or later WhatsApp web users may get the opportunity to add third party packs.

Coming on to some extra updates by WhatsApp:

  1. Last week WhatsApp was spotted working on a new version of web application that allows users to run WhatsApp We without linking their smartphones to it. This new application will completely work on a different platform and will operate even if your smartphone is switched. The new Web app will automatically work in sync with a new multi-platform system so that you can access your WhatsApp account on multiple devices as well.
  2. The latest feature by WhatsApp was out this month. “Frequently Forwarded Message Feature” is feature that aims to combat fake news and misinformation on social media platform. The feature will highlight the message with double arrow in grey color that has been forwarded many times.
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