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Xiaomi Arch Curved Smartphone

After entering in Indian Market Xiaomi is Going to come with its new curved device challenging the Samsung Note Edge. It is said that in early Xiaomi was imitating the Apple, but according to today news xiaomi is going to come with its curved smartphone named “Xiaomi Arch Curved”.

Like the Note Edge, the Xiaomi Arch appears to use its extra screen space to display incoming notifications, menu shortcuts and other info. But unlike Samsung’s device, this rumored smartphone features two curved edges instead of just one, giving the device a unique look.

There’s no guarantee the Xiaomi Arch is a real device or will ever see the light of day. Even GizmoChina seems to doubt the authenticity of its image, though it’s certainly possible something like this could launch in the future.

The real question is whether Xiaomi can offer a curved smartphone that still comes at a budget-friendly price. Once the company cracks that problem, the Arch might become a reality. Until then, it seems pretty unlikely.

But according to GizmoChina:

The overall design looks pretty standard with the ‘Mi’ branding on top and the three capacitive buttons at the bottom. However, remember that this is just a poster and not the real device.


 Still, if Xiaomi ever released a product like this, would you buy it?

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