So, as we all know Xiaomi is a brand that make some awesome phones and other accessories. Recently in China they have launched their new Mi in Ear HD earphones which was attracting some great number of eyes. Finally, xiaomi is launching those earphones in India exclusively on there website that too with the price of Rs. 1,999. Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD will go on sale at there own online store. These new pair of earphones will join the line up of other audio products that the company is selling. These are going to be the most expensive earphones as of now in there lineup. As per, Xiaomi these earphones have a premium design with metal casing and stretchable wire with matte finish.

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The new Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD comes with hybrid dual-dynamic and balanced armature drivers which keeps the bass and mid tones balanced. The earphones are made up of some kind of graphene material that actually pumps out sounds.

Xiaomi phones are priced so aggressively in the market that they need to sell the earphones separately out of the box. There are different earphones from xiaomi that will cost you way less, but as per the company these are the premium earphones with some great audio quality.

Rest, we are going to say about the quality in our full review.



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