Xiaomi Redmi 2 Vs Remi 1S front Camera Review

Hey guys back with the review of Xiaomi Redmi 2 and Redmi 1S Front Camera. The review contains both still pictures which is taken from both the Devices & the video also which is also captured from both the devices.

Redmi !s Front Camera consist of 1.6 MP, where as Redmi 2 contacins 2 MP camera. it is very difficult to find out the quality difference between the camera of both devices. But i found Redmi 1S camera a little better than its successor don’t know why but it is true a little difference in front camera quality.

And you can buy checking the attached pictures can know the exact difference between the picture quality of both the devices.


Redmi 1s Front Camera



Redmi 2 Front Camera


VIDEO Comparison of both devices


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