Zion DDR4 RAM out with some Budget


Finally DDR 4 is officially available in India. Zion the well known brand has expanded there product portfolio by adding a 16GB DDR4 -2133Mhz  Memory Module for desktops, laptops and Workstations. With Zion DDR4 memory, is much faster as compared to DDR3 Ram’s. DDR4 memory also delivers faster speeds as well as uses low power if compared with DDR 3 RAMs. Zion DDR4 memory is designed to utilize higher density components, giving access to deliver DDR4 modules that are up to twice as dense.

Overclocking your components can be too easy and it will ultimately push your gaming PC to its performance limits. The  DDR4 memory has a low operating voltage of 1.200V, reducing the electrical load of the memory and consuming a lot lesser power  compared standard old RAM’s. The RAM also generates less heat, which means system will operate and reduced the temperature and finally increase the overall reliability and functionality of the module.

It is mostly compatible with most of the systems coming up in the market. It comes up with 3 Year warranty, with national Direct Paperless Warranty, which means if you buy a RAM in Delhi you can get its replacement even in Chennai, without proof of purchase. The product is already available in Offline market as well as with different eCommerce portals.

You can buy it for : Rs. 6580/-

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