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3 Guaranteed Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

Social media marketing could be scary. Yes, we are warning you here! If social media campaigns are handled wrongly, they can ruin your brand impression on a large extent. Different people interpret things differently. It is crucial to keep your brand ethos intact while promoting on social channels. With time, social media marketing has changed immensely with respect to the way and extent a post reaches its potential audience.

Despite that, do not worry, the top Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai is here to introduce some practical methods and tricks that you can use for your social media campaigns to generate optimal leads.

All we want from you is that you stick with us for next couple of minutes to discover further.

  1. Create and run a killer photo contest: The idea is to initiate a fun engagement of customers in the business. People love when they are challenged positively. So, let us make use of this technique and ask customers to join a photo contest where they will have to use their creative skills and come up with photos as per the guidelines mentioned by you. Such practice encourages customers to dwell in your business. In addition, you get a collection of some creative photos that you can use for your marketing purpose later. The catch here is, do not promote something that will not help your business in turn. Think about what you really would want to achieve from the contest and then move ahead.


  1. Separate the post and the main page: When we consider conversion rates through something that we own than through a third party tool or platform, it is always higher. The concept is to create a post on social media about some free stuff which when clicked will redirect the customer to an altogether different link, referred as a landing page. Landing pages so far, have proven to be the best lead conversion sources. In addition, they help you collect additional information like customer’s name, phone numbers, email addresses etc. Landing pages are created with a clear goal in mind; hence, results are always favorable as compared to any other platform.


  1. Encourage your customers by providing some worthy freebies, vouchers or even a free trip: So, there is no contest here as such. The secret is that here you involve customers by asking them a very simple question, “Why do they need the gift and why do they think they deserve it”. Easy, right? This is a great and effortless marketing technique where you get two things. First, you get a huge number of customers opting for the prize and second, customer generated content that can be used in future promotions. Do not miss shouting aloud on other platforms like blogs, forums, and across different social media platforms. Doing so will help you increasing the conversion rates.

That is it! That is all you have to do get targeted leads through social media channels. The formula is to keep a fixed goal in mind and run contests or other genuine boosts and then test them. Later analyze what had worked the best for your business and simply change the theme and reuse quarterly.

Abhishek Shah
Abhishek Shah
Abhishek Shah is the co-founder of Bee Online & Ally Digital Media. He helps companies to increase their revenue via digital sales.

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