5 Ways Web Scraping Can Help You Boost Your Business

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Information is one of the most powerful commodities in the digital realm. The process of web scraping essentially means data extraction from a website. However, unlike manual extraction, web scraping employs intelligent automation to retrieve billions of data points from the internet, while structuring them for further usage or analysis in your database.

Web scraping has become a transformative element for businesses, from enhancing their operations to making informed executive decisions. Take a look at how the process can benefit your company.

1. Generate Leads

For 61% of marketers, lead generation continues to be a top challenge. Though there are many lead generation tools available, they are not always accurate and are often expensive. To acquire quality leads, you need to identify valuable attributes that define the audience such as age, geolocation or job title.

By using a proxy provider comparison tool, businesses can collect and compile data into actionable leads from various websites and social media platforms. The scraper can additionally filter the criteria and process qualified lead to add to your customer base.

2. Market Research

Despite the easy entry into the online market, succeeding there is becoming an increasingly difficult task. Experts encourage doing 360-degree market research, to understand your audience could help you make headway in your niche. Web scraper can compile opportunities along with a customer base to offer you valuable insight into improving the services and products.

The potential applies to customer behaviors, trends, demands, and reviews. This would help to formulate future strategies and make predictive analysis accordingly.

3. Competitor Monitoring

Surviving in the online business world requires you to closely monitor not only the customers but also your competitors. Web harvesting can retrieve information from a competitor website, including product information and service ads. This would open a window to their marketing strategies, budgets and allow you to discover potential customers.

4. Price Optimization

Data-driven price strategy is crucial to set the prices without losing many customers. Web scraping can keep you informed of competitor’s price changes and see the stock count to leverage to your benefit. With this guide to web scraping proxies, you can identify proxy providers that meet your specific web scraping needs (like in this case, identifying the prices of products they browse for in a competitor website and tracking the overall success of competitor’s brand promotions).

Further, analyze this data and discover where your competitors are failing to create a better offer to your customers. The same tactic could be applied for customer services, user experience delivery service and any other aspect of your website.

5. Investment Decisions

Data analysis could prove to be most valuable while you are contemplating a serious investment or executive decision that affects your business. Be it a new business partnership or mitigating the risks of your choices, web harvesting can extract anything from resume discrepancies to reputation rating.

It can be highly advantageous for companies to improve the accuracy of their analysis and avoid gambling your chances.

Web scraping is undoubtedly an ingenious idea to fuel sales, and its possibilities go far beyond the above mentioned. One can always be more innovative on its utilization, as far as it’s ethical and executed correctly. The most valuable application is its efficiency in processing bulk data while enabling you to focus on important business operations.

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