8 Practical Benefits of using Private Cloud

8 Practical Benefits of using Private Cloud 1

private cloudAfter becoming a major component of business infrastructure, information technology has recognized itself as the versatile tool, which is not only used to improve the performance but also aims to reduce the operational cost of business. The beauty of using IT and computing devices is independence to use them efficiently, whether they are installed in-house or third-party premises. For instance, a setup doesn’t have enough space to dedicate a place for server machines, leasing sufficient storage space at data centers offer the best solutions. Technically leasing storage space in servers installed in third party premises is called Cloud Computing. It has become the buzz word in the field of IT that promises to offer incredible flexibility and benefits to users.

After considering the diversified needs and ability to spend and afford the expenses, vendors started offering data hosting services in several ways. The two major options are public and private, in which users either share space on the same machine or a dedicated hardware is allocated to grant exclusive privacy and benefits. Businesses whose data is extremely confidential and those who are offering some sort of online services usually need more security and quick access to their files. For customers with enhanced needs, “private cloud” is one of the best among the available hosting options. Here I am sharing few practical benefits, being a business owner, you can avail after adopting this technology.

Enhanced security and privacy, after offering customized data storage via distinct pools of resources and restricted access via connections made behind the firewall of an organization makes the data extremely secure, whereas dedicated storage space gives more privacy.

Customized solutions with unmatched freedom, when it comes to deploying the system to configure the setup, customers are allowed to choose virtualization tools, applications and amount of storage space according to their needs. Generally, service providers work in collaboration with business owners to better understand their needs while empowering them to further modify their systems, which will support them to tackle changing needs.

Better control, as servers are not shared among different users and only accessible to a single organization; it makes it easier to configure and manage their own network solution according to their needs.

Cost control and energy proficiency, after adopting outsourced storage, business owners not only get more space and infrastructure resources to grow their business but also significantly reduce energy bills. As their file storage is placed and managed in the third party premises, they are not spending energy resources and workforce to keep running the system, noticeably reduce the operational expenses.

Unmatched reliability, after adopting this business solution, customers will enjoy using the state-of-the-art hardware, meticulously constructed infrastructure and seamless connectivity with IT engineers. The setup ensures end-to-end reliability to customers as a dedicated resource is overseeing and managing documents and server machine of a single client.

Scalability, customers are free to select the suitable data storage space according to their needs. Furthermore, they can request either for more space or to reduce the existing package, in case you are planning to reduce. The vendor only charges an additional amount for offering extra storage space and immediately reduce the charges after reducing the space and services on client request.

Added protection via virtual servers extremely captivates business owners who are always worried about data loss due to hardware failures. To provide an edge over protection to client’s documents, vendors utilize visualization of machines to completely secure on virtual machines. In addition to that virtualization also enable service providers to provide an extra RAM and CPU with halting the existing system. This makes instant data transfer to the system with more storage without worrying about adding more hardware physically in the existing system.

Reduces traditional concerns of outsourcing, uptime and security are the major concerns associated with outsourcing IT functions to a third party. Private storage option has significantly reduced these concerns after offering alleviated security physically and virtually. The enhanced security measures revamped the concerns, entrepreneurs may have developed in their mind after watching incidents of using shared devices.


Despite being a new concept, the private cloud offers double advantages to its clients. It not only offers data storage on real and virtual systems, buts also gives the unmatched security, reliability and control like dedicate serves.

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