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Akash Nangia, founder of Techjockey has been the ex-vice president ofZomato. The founder foresees revolutionary turnaround of the business operations with innovative IT solutions. TechJockey was formed with the idea to become IT advisors and software providers to a large number of SME’s who still don’t have access to reseller. TechJockey has an industry centric approach and is thus able to provide solution addressing common pain points of customer from Retail, Hospitality, ITES, Manufacturing, Healthcare and many other verticals. Our team of experienced IT consultants guide the buyers from different segments in making the right purchase and help them in optimising their current inventory. Maximum chunk of our customers are from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities who are untouched by OEM’s because of limited reach. Our idea is to bridge this gap and connect millions of SME’s in India to hunderes of OEM’s, domestic and international. Having more than 900+ products from 300+ OEM’s we are helping our customers increase their productivity while offering a plethora of solutions under one roof.

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