The Need For HR – Payroll Software And Its Benefits For SMEs


Currently, with a population of 1.27 billion people, India is churning out more than 50% employable students every year. With the ever increasing working class, employability rate and requirements of companies and businesses are also witnessing a rise.

Small and medium enterprises to large scale multinationals are all the rage these days. If looked carefully, competition is stiffer than before. The industry is experiencing a revolution regarding the technology that makes the life of the HR easier. But the question is whether these enterprises are willing to let go of manual processes when there is better technology available to support the smooth functioning of the company?

The need to give away the manual functioning is to reduce the possibility of Human Error. It isn’t very motivating when there is an error in the paycheck by the end of the month. Even for the team, the rectification process becomes an even more tedious activity which compromises with the working hours.

However, of course, it is not also good for you to just depend on software alone. In order for you to excel in the human resources department, you may study HR online and possess the skills needed, whether in handling a manual process or mastering hr applications.

What is the way out?

Well, the best way out is to replace the manual functioning with technological inventions. There is a wide-range of software that is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of growing businesses. A good blend of accurate, efficient and cost-effective features in a software ensures ease of functioning for an HR.

Some of the benefits/advantages offered by such software are:

Employee management:

Certain software comes with easy solutions that make employee management easier. Managing leaves, overtime, new hires and accounts of existing employees, all become easy in this software. They create a ready reckoner for the HR’s reference and management.  It makes planning and execution easier.

Tax Updates:

In case the latest tax updates have been missed, software provides easy reminders which intimate the employees at equal intervals.


Software ensures that no data is released to a third party. The company will still consider using the own IT systems. However, a good software solution will ensure the security of the database.

Better communication:

While employees with large companies work with selected people, SME’s have a smaller strength which is working together. Coordination with colleagues outside their own department is common. HR software’s come with employee directory where all contact information is stored making it easier for employees to coordinate and contact each other.

Saves Time and Improves efficiency:

Manual entries in a journal/ledger take extra time and resources. Just the management requires another individual to coordinate and execute this process. Many software takes away the additional effort, reducing the working hours which can be utilised in business growth.

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By Akash Nagia

Akash Nangia, founder of Techjockey has been the ex-vice president ofZomato. The founder foresees revolutionary turnaround of the business operations with innovative IT solutions. TechJockey was formed with the idea to become IT advisors and software providers to a large number of SME’s who still don’t have access to reseller. TechJockey has an industry centric approach and is thus able to provide solution addressing common pain points of customer from Retail, Hospitality, ITES, Manufacturing, Healthcare and many other verticals. Our team of experienced IT consultants guide the buyers from different segments in making the right purchase and help them in optimising their current inventory. Maximum chunk of our customers are from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities who are untouched by OEM’s because of limited reach. Our idea is to bridge this gap and connect millions of SME’s in India to hunderes of OEM’s, domestic and international. Having more than 900+ products from 300+ OEM’s we are helping our customers increase their productivity while offering a plethora of solutions under one roof.

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