How to Find Instagram Trending Reels Song [4 Only Ways]

How to Find Instagram Trending Reels Song

Looking for Instagram Trending Reels Song to create your own trending Instagram reels? Don’t worry! Here are the best ways to find Instagram Trending Reels Song.

Somewhere around November 2019, the idea originated that Instagram had begun testing its pilot video feature in Brazil known as “Reels”. Later, it was found that it was expanded to France and Germany afterwards. The core concept for Reels is and was quite similar to that of TikTok which was founded in China.

Now Instagram has over a billion active users and they are growing steadily year after year. Reels were launched in India in July 2020 after TikTok was permanently banned. Later in the next month, the Reels feature was made available to 50 countries including the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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With over a billion active users, Instagram has made a solid stance in the market for entertainment, and business ideas and provided creators with a much-needed platform to showcase their skills and talent. A lot of people rush into the hype to gain followers, get more views, and likes and gain validation from strangers on the web which isn’t a bad thing inherently. But you must have noticed that more often than not there’s always some music or audio trending on reels that you keep noticing every now and then.

In this post, we will discuss a couple of ways how you can find trending Instagram Reels songs. It’s actually a little difficult to guess what seems to be trending if it hasn’t become a trend yet. What a mix of words!

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We can never be sure what kind of audio or song will get trending on reels. It’s quite unique on its own as the Instagram algorithm probably checks the viewer retention on the song or the reel and how many times it has been scrolled back or watched or how many people shared that particular piece of audio or content. These are some of the parameters that might hint at how a song becomes trending on Instagram Reels.

How to Find Instagram Trending Reels Song [year]?

1. Do the Hard Work Yourself and Keep Scrolling!

How to Find Instagram Trending Reels Song [4 Only Ways] 1

The first and the most time-consuming thing that you can do in order to find those trending songs is to go through the app and reel on your own. You will have to dedicate a decent chunk of your time watching and scrolling through reels to find the next hit.

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If you observe that a particular song is being repeated in multiple reels, there’s a good chance that it’s getting popular or it might start trending very soon.

This is not a said thing but it’s basically what happens when a lot of people start recreating their content on the same song in different unique ways.

2. Look for the Teeny Tiny Arrow

How to Find Instagram Trending Reels Song [4 Only Ways] 2

The next thing that you can notice is that there’s a small tiny upward arrow on songs and audios that are trending for reels.

It’s a given and a straightforward indication from Instagram that this particular audio is trending – do what you may with this information.

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So it’s as simple as that.

If you accidentally come across that tiny arrow that simply means that the audio playing on that reel is trending at that moment.

3. Follow the Big Names in your niche!

How to Find Instagram Trending Reels Song [4 Only Ways] 3

Another suggestion from our end would be to keep a close eye on what the “blue tick” people or the biggest influencers on Instagram are doing so far. They seem to have already made it big on the platform and in some cases, their audio might stand a chance of trending or they might have found audio that could have been trending and performed and re-enacted their version of it.

So, it won’t hurt to turn on your stalker lenses and keep checking those big names in any industry that you are passionate about. Because, if a song is trending it trends across various categories, niches, and people and it doesn’t limit itself to a particular theme or brand. Humans are creative!

4. The Age Old Advice – Google it!

How to Find Instagram Trending Reels Song [4 Only Ways] 4

If you are in a rush and don’t have the time to dirty your hands then you can take help from Google or YouTube.

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They are slightly delayed in updating their portals with the right songs but the songs that trend do that for over a couple of days so you will definitely find some of the other relevant blog posts or YouTube videos/ shorts that will let you know what kind of songs are trending on Instagram Reels.

Final Thoughts

These are the most common and easy ways to find which songs are trending on Reels. There’s a lot of hit and trial involved in this as nothing stays permanent and the trending songs and audio keeps changing daily or weekly or monthly.

So the one thing you should be very careful about is not getting attached to a particular area or a field hoping that it will trend again in the future.

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It may or may not. We will never know. But what we do know is that there are these simple ways that you can use to find those trending songs on Instagram Reels and make the best use of them.

Making hay while the sun shines applies to these clips as well because they won’t trend forever.

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