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10 Best Fake Address Generator Online for UK, US & India

To avoid scams and spam mail, a lot of people try to use some kind of hidden or anonymous identity to protect their personal information or details. In some cases, to apply and sort through algorithms, one may need a lot of data to test it out on, and in that case, a lot of details are required about people and places.

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To sort all this out without a lot of trouble, there are tools available on the web that goes by the name of – Fake Address Generators! There are some niched tools specifically built for generating addresses across US, UK, and India.

In this post, we are going to cover some of the most commonly and popularly used Fake address generators that you can easily use for any purpose – be it software testing, hiding your original identity to create an anonymous account, and so on.

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You can enter or input these addresses on some of the websites that are not secure and want your data beforehand to proceed. This way you will be protecting your real identity.

Best Fake Address Generator Online for UK, US & India

1. Fake Address Generator by Nimtools

Fake Address Generator by Nimtools

This fake address generator tool on Nimtools’ website is an easy-to-use software that generates a person’s name, phone, company, street address, postal code, city, and even Credit Card number!

All you have to do is hit “Generate” on their website and you will get an endless list of names and people with details that resemble accurate information. There are more than 10 countries that you can choose relevant fake data generation from within a few seconds.

2. Fakexy

10 Best Fake Address Generator Online for UK, US & India 10

Fakexy will allow you to generate uk fake address data for the United States and United Kingdoms but not India. Using this free tool you can generate addresses in different states, cities, and countries with a single click.

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You will find the option of latitude and longitude based on what the data has been generated. A fake phone number along with a fake Zip or postal code will be generated as well using a free fake address generator.

3. Fakepersongenerator

10 Best Fake Address Generator Online for UK, US & India 11

This particular website is limited to generating fake addresses across different states in the United States of America. It has other features like the Fake Visa card generator, BIN generator, and Fake phone number list as well.

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The fake addresses can be generated across popular states like Louisiana, Washington, Boston, Detroit, etc. Input a Zipcode or select the state name to randomly generate an address for you.

4. Fakeaddresscopy

10 Best Fake Address Generator Online for UK, US & India 12

This resource is a bit complex to understand when you try it out the first time. You may find absurd addresses being generated but nevertheless, they will be sufficient to provide you with some fake template addresses.

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It has all the popular countries on its database including the USA, United Kingdom, and India. Feel free to select the state, country, or zip code that you want to generate a fake address from. It is quick and easy to use and you don’t have to sign up or give any kind of personal details while using this website.

5. Address Generator by Coolgenerator

10 Best Fake Address Generator Online for UK, US & India 13

This is one of the somewhat popular Indian fake address generators that you can use for your work or in order to protect your real identity. They claim to have collected over 1,00,000 Indian addresses and modified them to avoid infringement of others’ privacy.

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It is easy to use and it will generate a fake address that will contain the street address, city name, postal code, and a fake phone number. It’s customizable up to some extent and you can also just enter the city name to generate a fake address with ease.

6. Random Address by Bestrandoms

10 Best Fake Address Generator Online for UK, US & India 14

BestRandoms provide you with a majority of fake addresses across the United States of America. Feel free to use and select a state of your choice to generate a fake one. You don’t have to sign up in order to use this resource so there’s no chance of your personal data being tracked or used. The page does have some ads placed here and there but it won’t ruin any kind of experience for you.

7. Address by Generateplus

10 Best Fake Address Generator Online for UK, US & India 15

This has a very clean and simple user interface to use and has one of the plainest themes amongst all of the fake address generators in this post of ours. The only thing that you have to perform on this website is to choose a country from the dropdown list and you will have a fake address generated in no time.

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It will display the street, house number, postal code, location, country, and the Region and Sub region based on their location in the world.

8. Randomlists

10 Best Fake Address Generator Online for UK, US & India 16

RandomLists is commonly used to generate fake addresses across the country of the United States of America primarily. You can use this fake address generated as some kind of test data for your needs. This provides you with a facility for generating bulk addresses at the same time.

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You need to choose the region and the number of addresses you want. Once you run this query you will be shown the exact amount of unique fake addresses on your screen. You don’t have to pay anything or share any personal details in order to access the bulk or single fake address generation feature on this website.

9. Fake Address Data Generator by thewebdev

10 Best Fake Address Generator Online for UK, US & India 17

This website has a more geeky and nerdy feel to it once you start using the features.  It provides you with tons of features that can be generated. For example- You can easily generate Zip Code, City Prefix, City suffix, Street Name, Street Address, County, Country, State Abbreviation, Latitude, Longitude, Direction, etc.

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And more just with a click of a single button. Not only this, you will also have access to bulk address generation. The only drawback is that you can’t select a particular zone or country which you want to generate the data from. You will get random values and random names for the sake of fake address generation using this resource.

10. Datafakegenerator

10 Best Fake Address Generator Online for UK, US & India 18

This Fake address-generating website will provide you with an age-specific filter along with gender while creating detail for you. You may not find Indian addresses and fake data on this one but it covers more than 10 countries including USA and Brazil.

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Once you set the criteria, you will be able to view the fake address details along with the height, weight, blood group, status, vehicle make and model for the same fake address or data generated. This might come in handy in those cases where you need more variables to put in.

My Thoughts: Best Fake Address Generator

All of these resources are decent and their Fake Address Generator data with ease without collecting any of your personal information and without asking you to sign up for an app or pay for anything.

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In case you want to generate bulk data then you should go for random lists and web dev to generate a lot of entries. If you need to select a single fake address data then you can freely choose any of the resources mentioned Best Fake Address Generator list above.

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