6 Best Youtube Tools to Grow your Channel

Best Youtube Tools to Grow your Channel

What to Grow your Youtube Channel? You must think about which are the Best YouTube tools to do that? Don’t Worry! We have shortlisted some of the best YouTube Tools right now.

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YouTube has been acting as a go-to resource for literally everything that you can think of. Want to learn a coding language? YouTube. Want to learn cooking? Search for a recipe on YouTube. Want to assemble a table or fix your smartḥphone at home? YouTube! The more you think of it the more you will realize that at one point or the other, you would have turned to YouTube for either basic or complex queries where you must have found a video of your liking.

This makes YouTube all the more appealing to young, middle-aged and even old people to start and share something about their skills and experiences. And in order to do that one must know the basic tools that they can use to their advantage in order to grow and understand their audience. The content creators are joining in large numbers over this platform to entertain, educate and provide some kind of value to their audience.

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YouTube does have incentives for the same. As your channel grows based on your audience you get more lucrative offers and deals from different brands based on your niche and genre. A YouTube channel is a place where you bring your creative ideas in visual and audio form and upload them to share with the world.


In this long and rewarding journey, a creator may need some kind of tools and help to make this journey a tad bit easier and it’s almost always a good idea to take help of these tools frequently. In this post, we are going to cover some important youtube tools that are a must-have for a YouTube creator.

Best Youtube Tools to Grow your Channel

1. YouTube Tools by Nimtools.com

6 Best Youtube Tools to Grow your Channel 1

Nimtools has a vast collection of free SEO tools and free Youtube tools that can help you enhance and upgrade your content game at zero cost. It has an article rewriter, plagiarism checker, and more for text checking. Moving on to video content and YouTube, it provides you with a keyword checker, keyword suggestion tool, and YouTube keyword suggestion tool. It can even generate YouTube video tags, and YouTube backlinks all in one place. It is one of the best YouTube tools sites for free of cost right now!

It’s fairly easy to use and doesn’t take up a lot of your time to provide you with the information that you are seeking. You don’t have to create any kind of account or share any personal information to access these tools. It’s free to use with a clean user interface.

2.YouTube Studio

6 Best Youtube Tools to Grow your Channel 2

This tool/ resource probably doesn’t need any introduction but it’s one of the biggest and the most important creator tools out there. It may have its fair share of drawbacks but the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to YouTube Studio. It’s basically your personalized logbook for all your videos ever created. It’s the OG when it comes to providing analytics for your uploaded videos.

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Yes, it doesn’t provide you with a keyword list and title suggestions like the other tools but YouTube studio has an option to run a quick copyright check these days before you upload any video. It has a huge library of songs and music in its YouTube Audio Library available in the YouTube studio. You will be able to find any and all kinds of music categories in this one without worrying about a copyright strike.

Apart from this, it provides you with free tools for Monetization (when eligible) and Customization of your Channel from a single place. It also provides you with deep and detailed analytics for each video once a significant time has passed. It is a very useful and free tool when used wisely. You can easily add subtitles, review comments, and change video settings all in one place.


Most commonly popularized by Robert Blake, Tube Buddy is an extremely useful tool when it comes to helping you get more views, subscribers, and content optimization. It provides the users with an advanced keyword research portal where you can easily search high-performing searchable video topics. With this feature, you can create highly appealing titles and use optimized tags for your YouTube videos. This takes out the guesswork from your job as a content creator.

It also has a feature of analyzing and testing your thumbnail if that will rank higher or lower in a YouTube feed. It will also provide you with a wide range of data and analytics that you can use and work upon to improve future videos. And, it helps with all your Video SEO needs. They also provide you with a dedicated app for the same for iOS and Android.

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Its pricing is slightly on the higher end but it would be value for money in case someone wants to work as a YouTube creator full-time. The Pro Subscription starts at $ 2.40 / month if taken yearly. The Start and the Legend Subscription by Tube Buddy are something to be considered which is priced at $ 9.20 / month and $ 21.20 / month respectively. (if billed yearly).


6 Best Youtube Tools to Grow your Channel 3

vidIQ is yet another commonly used tool and is promoted by the likes of YouTubers such as Sean Cannell, Marina Mogilko, Evan Carmichael, Chad Wild Clay, and Mark Cuban. Their website claims to have the most advanced growth tools for video creators which is almost correct by a large extent. You can easily track and compare your content’s performance in real-time so that you can fix what’s needed right away and manage to get more views and make some extra money from your videos based on the couple of tweaks and suggestions provided by vidIQ.

With its easy-to-use interface and sleek UI, discovering keywords, titles, and descriptions will never be easier. These minor changes will ensure that you get more views and in turn more subscribers. They also have the feature of providing personalized prompts based on the content that you have been creating so far. Their algorithm also provides you with a future view prediction that estimates how much reach you can expect on the current form of your content.

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They have 4 plans in their pricing table – Basic, Pro, Boost, and Boost+. The pricing is as follows –

Basic – This is a free subscription but it has a lot of restrictions

Pro – With some additional analytics and research keywords this is priced at $7.50 / month

Boost – This is the recommended plan by vidIQ priced at $39 / per month

Boost + – In this subscription category, you will get personalized coaching for dedicated creators and agencies at a whopping price of $415 / month.

5. Social Blade

Social Blade

Social Blade is one of the best YouTube tools and resources that is widely used to keep track of analytics and user count along with views and subscriber count. It shows all the data in one place or one page making it quite user-friendly and easy to use. The data prediction that is shared with you is somewhat accurate but take it with a grain of salt. The numbers vary once you compare them in your YouTube Studio.

Nevertheless, this is a very great tool to rely upon to get a gist of how things are working for yourself or different creators out there. It will provide you with some basic rough data that they extrapolate and run an algorithm upon.

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They offer YouTube consultation services as one of their paid features. It costs $198 for 60 minutes and they do this over a Zoom call. Before the consultation, the consultant will review your channel and give custom advice based on your channel.

6. Canva

Canva free best youtube tools

This is the bonus youtube tool that we thought should be added to this best YouTube tools list. Canva has been making strides due to the ease of access it provides to beginners who don’t have any background in design and editing photos or videos for that matter. Canva provides you with beautiful pre-existing templates that you can use for your YouTube. It has different templates and elements that you can play around with to enhance the looks of your channel by changing Channel Art, etc.

There are multiple elements and an audio library along with a large number of stock photos that you can choose from to use in your videos. The Canva Pro subscription costs up to Rs. 3,999 per year and it comes with 100+ million stock photos, audios, and graphics.

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Another great feature that Canva Pro provides you with is the background remover that works instantly and comes with 100 GB of cloud storage. It has the feature of scheduling social media content to 8 platforms.

All of these best YouTube tools discussed so far are unique and creative in their own way. Do make sure that you try them out first before getting into the paid versions of each. Dip your toes in each tool and see how that turns out for you. If it feels that you can resonate with the style and working of the app and the algorithm, go ahead and make the purchase.

What YouTube tools would you use to grow your channel?

VidIQ is one of the most powerful YouTube tools. It is a browser extension that helps you manage your YouTube channel with extra features, including Daily Ideas to help spark inspiration for new videos. 

Which YouTube tools are best for YouTube SEO?

YouTube tools like TubeBuddy, VidlQ, YT Cockpit, etc are best for YouTube SEO.

What is a niche in YouTube?

A YouTube niche is the main topic, the main category that a video creator focuses on when creating YouTube content.

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