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6 YouTube Tricks, Hacks, and Features You’ll Want to Know

YouTube engages every minute of the global crowd with entertaining, informative content. Also, acquire the content you love to watch again and again, and this page is going to help you download your favorite videos! However, specific popular YouTube tricks, hacks, and features are not available to most people. So what to wait when you can explore it all in one go!

Six YouTube tips, tricks, and hacks everyone should know

YouTube Tricks
YouTube Tricks

1.   Hassle-free watch on YouTube

  • has millions and millions of videos, and the hunt for our desired video can take long hours, and we can’t invest much time in just searching for a video! Then how do we get one we need? It’s comfortable with a few steps-
  • use the keywords before you are using to search for the video. This brings just the videos with the keywords selected.

2.  Links to jump on any part of the video

  • often share videos with our friends and family, and sometimes there’s a specific part in the video which we want them to see, for that they don’t require to watch the entire thing.
  • We can ask them to move forward quickly, by easily creating links which automatically will jump to the desired point in the video.

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There are two ways to do this –

Number 1 – Go to the video and click Share (located under the video’s title) -> Under the first Tab that POPs up also called Share ->Check the box beside there’s an option called START AT and enter the start time.

Number 2 – It’s a simple process, pause the video at the start time and let YouTube auto-fill the field for you. Shortly after entering Start time, we will notice a little tag added to the end of the video link that indicates your start time. Thus by this process, one can share the clips from a long video.

3.  How to copy the video URL of any video at the current time from YouTube?

By pausing the video at the required point of the video when you want it to autoplay, right-click on the screen -> From there a pop-up box will appear a listing number of options -> Click on the copy video URL at current time choice -> the time specified link will then be copied to the clipboard for sharing -> it will securely jump to your desired action.

4.  Turning YouTube videos to GIF using URL

GIFs are loved by everyone, let’s see how we can create it – Select the video to watch -> Get the URL from the top of the browser -> Adding the word gif before the domain name letting it read. This will head you to gifs.com, with the video already uploaded and ready to edit.

5.  Creating playlists on YouTube

A playlist is such where one can store all their favorite videos. By clicking the account icon in the top right on YouTube -> choosing the CREATOR STUDIO -> clicking VIDEO MANAGER on the left and choosing ‘PLAYLIST’ -> click NEW PLAYLIST -> then wish account private or public option.

6.  Saving videos to watch later

It happens many times that we are busy and are unable to attend our favorite videos on YouTube, so for those times you click to ‘watch later.’ Open the video on YouTube – click the ‘ADD TO’ icon just below the video title – Watch later. A playlist will thus get created.

YouTube Hacks

To Custom Your Own YouTube URL

Hey creator, to create easy access to your channel customize your URL link-

Open YouTube account settings -> Click ‘‘Advanced” in your name section -> if the system finds certain eligibility, you will be able to claim by clicking a link -> select ‘I agree to the terms of service,’ Click ‘Change URL’ to make it final.

  1. Creating and customizing the end screen – It enhances viewers to watch your other videos by suggesting them on your customized end screen page.Manager -> ‘edit’ -> select ‘End screen annotations’ -> ‘End screen creator studio’ -> ‘Add element’ for the Final setup.
  2. Market products on your YouTube channel –  cards’ to advertise products by letting viewers tap the ‘i’ on the upper – right-hand corner of the video. ‘Video Manager’ -> ‘Edit’ -> ‘Cards’-> ‘Add card’ to choose the item for promotion.

To get free sound effects and music – Creator Studio -> CREATE -> Audio library -> ‘Sound effects’ by default -> click download.

  1. Creativity with YouTube enhancements – With the introduction of nine effects, editing is made natural – auto-fix lighting and color, stabilize shaky camera motions, apply slow motion, time-lapse, trim out parts, rotate the view, apply filters, custom blurring, blur faces.

Pop up your video on search by uploading a transcript, for the subtitles.

YouTube Features

  • Youtube audio library– For fantastic sound effects and music.
  • Youtube fan finder– offers free ad space on its website.
  • Associated website annotations – helps to add clickable links to your website.
  • Video programming– allows clickable thumbnails of your channel – logo or a video across all of the videos on your YouTube channel.
  • Youtube LIVE events– a professional mode to connect global audiences.


What makes YouTube genuinely famous and main-stream social networking is its success, as the viewer gets what it needs and desires from the internet, content, display, and entertainment, with the potential of more contact and even engagement with other YouTube users.

To say things more simply, people favor YouTube, because it comes with multimedia updates that are superior to print notifications. When people interpret information about the real environment using vision, they are, of course, using YouTube as an alternative to other social media so they can obtain visual information that allows them to interpret messages that are conveyed via YouTube.

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