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Recording the computer screen becomes necessary on some occasions. Report bugs or glitches in some programs, make a tutorial for YouTube, record a meeting to not forget anything, and even go live on some platforms. RecordCast screen recorder is a good fit for these situations.

What is RecordCast?

Capturing a PC screen as YouTubers or streamers do is easier than it sounds since many computers today come pre-equipped with microphones and webcams, making it easier to record the PC screen.

On many occasions, the problem is that we do not use the correct software or do not consider the characteristics of our computer. Today I want to show you how to record a PC screen using RecordCast.

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RecordCast is a totally free video streaming and recording software. It is currently one of the most used by YouTube Streamers, thanks to all its features. It’s very well optimized for all kinds of tasks, and you can even use it to capture sound.

As we said initially, it is a web-based program for those who want to have a live audience while recording. You don’t have to worry about your computer memory, and it is available for all operating systems, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Something that not all recording programs offer.

How do I access RecordCast?

It’s pretty easy to access RecordCast. The only thing you need to do is to open the website: Then you can use it fully without any downloading. It’s not a must to register an account, so you don’t need to worry about anything. You don’t have to pay any cent as well. It’s completely free of charge.

How do I capture my PC screen?

After we open the website and enter the RecordCast recording tool by clicking on the “Start Recording button”, we need to do some settings.

1. Adjust settings


Now we are going to guide you to make some settings for your recording. The first thing you should set is the recording mode.

  • Screen + Webcam: Record your PC screen and yourself from the webcam at the same time. It’s great for an explainer video.
  • Screen Only: It’s convenient to record online courses for your classroom.
  • Webcam Only: You can use this to record anything from your camera.

Next, go to the audio options and select the one in which you want to record. You have four choices to get your audio setting.

  • Microphone + System audio: When you record a live game, use your microphone and the system audio at the same time.
  • Microphone: When you record an explainer video or tutorial video, use your microphone.
  • System audio: If you want to record a vital webinar to recheck it later, use only system audio.
  • No audio: It’s also fine to disable all the audio for your recording.

To continue, you will choose the recording area where we will make the most important settings. Still three options for you:

  • Entire screen: It will record every detail on your website.
  • An application window: It only records the application you chose in the video.
  • A Chrome tab: If you use Google Chrome, you can see the Chrome tab option. If you use other browsers, it should be the other tab.

2. Recording

RecordCast - How to Record Your PC Screen Like Pro YouTubers 1

Setting done well? Then click the Share button to record your PC screen. It’s recording now. You can see from the screenshot above. When you are recording, RecordCast still allows you to change your mind to get back to reset the settings. You can pause and continue recording anytime. When you finish the recording, click on the red stop button to end the process.

3. Download and edit

RecordCast - How to Record Your PC Screen Like Pro YouTubers 2

After recording, you can preview what you have recorded on your screen, and you can download it to your computer by using the “Download” button. Otherwise, you can click the “Edit and Export in MP4” button to make future editing to your recording.

Check its video editor

RecordCast - How to Record Your PC Screen Like Pro YouTubers 3

Although RecordCast’s video editor is still under its beta version, it meets almost all our needs for editing videos. It allows you to upload photos, videos, and audio to the editor. Then you can add text, background, elements, overlay, etc., to your video. It provides a wide selection of basic and dynamic text for your video. What I love most is its element section. It offers millions of elements under its database, including various preset transactions. You are free to search for any type you like by putting a keyword in the search box. You even have the option to crop, split, zoom in/ out, etc.  There are many more to do to get the most out of RecordCast.


So that’s the basic, quick-start way to record your PC screen like a pro-YouTuber easily. RecordCast is not only a free screen recorder but also a video editor for all beginners. Ready to record your PC screen like a pro YouTuber? Go RecordCast to achieve it.

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