9 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube [From Beginner to Pro]

Free online video editor no download required
Free online video editor no download required

Using video editing software for YouTube is one of the primary aspects of becoming successful on this giant platform. Not sure what tool to use? Don’t worry, this guide will help you.

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YouTube is arguably the best platform for sharing videos with viewers worldwide. And although YouTube is quite easy to use, creating and offering powerful, engaging content that generates views, likes, shares, comments, and subscribes is no less than a challenge. Fortunately, there are ways to create content that is entertaining, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing to watch. One of the key aspects of an engaging YouTube video is its editing. No matter your skill level, there are several free video editing software for YouTube that can help you achieve success in this regard. Read on to learn about them.

How to Choose the Best Free Video Editing Software for YouTube

Before you choose a video editing tool for YouTube, it is highly recommended that you check your specific requirements and make sure that the software ticks some certain boxes. Following are some things to consider when selecting a YouTube video editing tool:


You can edit your videos to share on YouTube via both your smartphone and your computer. Obviously, the tools offered for both devices differ drastically. It is recommended that you choose a computer-based video editing tool as it is more powerful and also comes with a lot more features as compared to an app made for an iOS or Android device.


Apart from being device-specific, certain software also has platform restrictions. For example, iMovie does not work on Windows as it is only compatible with Mac and iOS. So, before you choose a video editing software for YouTube, be sure that it is fully compatible with your PC and its operating system.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is essential, no matter whether you are a seasoned video editing enthusiast or a complete beginner. A YouTube video editor must have a user-friendly interface and easy to access features.


Choose a video editor that offers all the key basic and advanced features that are needed to create a high-quality YouTube video. Some of the features you should look for in a tool include (but not limited to) text styles, overlays, filters, effects, transitions, trim, split, merge, speed up/down, etc.


Cost is another factor to consider. If you are just starting in the YouTube content creation world, then it may be a good idea to choose a free video editing software for YouTube. Once you have learned all the tricks, you can then move on to a premium tool. Both categories have several choices available, so you won’t have difficulty choosing software that suits your needs.

Free Video Editing Software for YouTube

As mentioned before, there are several video editing software out there that can help you create engaging, high-quality YouTube content. Some of these tools are suitable for beginners, others for advanced users, and there are some made for professional users. Read on to learn about the top recommendations for each category.

For Beginners

Following are the most recommended YouTube video editors for beginners:

  1. iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme is one of the best YouTube video editors for beginners because of its user-friendly interface, easy to access features and overall video editing experience. Despite being a user-friendly tool, Filme is quite capable in terms of video editing and enhancements, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to create and edit high-quality YouTube videos.

iMyFone Filme
iMyFone Filme

Following are the top features of this tool:

  • All basic video editing utilities are available, e.g. cut/trim, merge, split, rotate, change speed, etc.
  • Powerful video enhancement utilities, e.g. filters, animations, effects, transitions, etc.
  • Real-time preview feature and multiple video format support.
  • User-friendly, intuitive interface and fast, easy navigation.

2. iMovie

For Mac users, iMovie is a recommended video editing software for YouTube. It comes pre-installed with macOS, and it is very efficient when it comes to basic video editing as well as some advanced editing tasks. It also allows you to share your edited videos directly to YouTube.

video editing software for YouTube

Following are the top features of this tool:

  • From crop and rotate to real-time tilting and video speed change, iMovie offers all basic video editing utilities.
  • Lots of prebuilt video enhancement elements, e.g. effects, transitions, themes, sounds, backdrops, etc.
  • A beginner-friendly tool with a clean, user-friendly interface and native HD, 4K support.

3. OpenShot

OpenShot is another reliable, free video editor that is recommended for new YouTube content creators. The software excels at editing videos via layers displayed on separate windows. They might take some getting used to in the start, but the floating windows make the video editing experience on OpenShot very fast and efficient.


Following are the top features of this tool:

  • Unlimited layers support. You can add layers of watermarks, audio tracks, backdrops, etc. as much as you like.
  • Several basic and advanced digital video effects, e.g. greyscale, chroma key compositing, brightness, gamma, hue, etc.
  • Easy to use video editor with a native drag and drop feature support.

For Advanced Users

Following are the most recommended YouTube video editors for advanced users:

  1. Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a feature-rich video editing tool suitable for advanced users looking to create and edit engaging, attractive YouTube videos. It allows you to perform some advanced video editing tasks even if you don’t possess the professional level skills. It’s user-friendly, intuitive interface and a vast number of features make it a desirable option to many YouTube content creators.


Following are the top features of this tool:

  • Powerful video enhancing capabilities, e.g. special effects, change the background, pan and zoom movements, adjust dynamic range and white balance, and more.
  • All basic and some key advanced video editing utilities are available.
  • User-friendly interface with native 4K editing support.

2. Blender

Blender is a popular video editor primarily used for animation, modelling, and rendering, but it also works great for creating unique, personalized videos for YouTube. Although it doesn’t have many video editing tools, the software offers a lot of freedom when it comes to controlling various advanced aspects of a video.


Following are the top features of this tool:

  • Several basic video editing utilities, e.g. trim and cut videos, split, rotate, etc.
  • Several built-in video enhancement filters and transitions.
  • Advanced video manipulation features, such as chroma vectorscope displays, histogram, layer adjustment, waveform visualization, audio mixing, and more.

3. Lightworks

Lightworks is another popular tool suitable for advanced users who seek premium video editing features with a good balance of user-friendliness and efficiency. This video editing software for YouTube offers lots of popular effects and transitions to help create stunning videos. It is also optimized for faster video export support, which is crucial if you want to upload content to your YouTube channel promptly.


Following are the top features of this tool:

  • Fastest video trim capability as compared to most other video editors available on the market.
  • User-friendly interface with MultiCam editing support.
  • Wide variety of visual effects and transitions.
  • Upload your video to YouTube directly from the software.

For Pro Users

Following are the most recommended YouTube video editors for pro users:

  1. Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is ideal for video enthusiasts who perform the editing at a professional level. Used by many pro and power users, the software offers dozens of ways to enhance a video and transform raw footage into something completely unique and incredible. This video editor is used by professionals all around the world.

9 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube [From Beginner to Pro] 1
Adobe Premiere

Following are the top features of this tool:

  • Dozens of effects, transitions, filters, motion graphic templates, etc. to personalize the video at the pro level.
  • Ability to work on multiple video projects simultaneously.
  • Advanced, responsive interface with enhanced VR video editing support.

2. Final Cut Pro

While iMovie is a more beginner-friendly video editor for Mac users, Final Cut Pro is catered towards professional-level editing. It is packed with several powerful tools to allow pro users to create stunning videos. The software boasts advanced computing architecture which is very resource-intensive but also incredibly powerful and allows users to edit videos quickly and smoothly.

9 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube [From Beginner to Pro] 2
Final Cut Pro

Following are the top features of this tool:

  • Basic but very accurate video editing utilities, e.g. trimming and moving, video rotation, speed adjustment, etc.
  • Tons of special effects, motion graphics, filters, and more.
  • 360-degree video editing support, VR headset playback, advanced colour grading, and many other pro-level capabilities.

3. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is an advanced video editing software that is used by professionals worldwide. It boasts some of the most unique and advanced capabilities such as 8K editing support, colour correction, audio post-production, and more. It handles most CPU-intensive video formats with ease, allowing you to efficiently work on any kind of video project.

9 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube [From Beginner to Pro] 3
DaVinci Resolve

Following are the top features of this tool:

  • Powerful video editing utilities, e.g. video stabilization, dynamic zoom, picture-in-picture effect, etc.
  • Dedicated trimming with a dual timeline feature that makes the process very fast and efficient.
  • Advanced features for enhanced YouTube content creation, such as syncing visual clips and audio, frame rate conversions, speed up/down video realistically, and more.

FAQs About YouTube Video Editing

Following are the most frequently asked questions about YouTube video editing:

What Do YouTubers Use to Edit Their Videos?

Several video editing tools are quite popular among both beginner and advanced YouTube content creators. These include iMyFone Filme, Final Cut Pro, Filmora, and Lightworks. Some of these software’s are free, while others are paid tools.

How Can I Improve My Video Quality?

Quality should be your number one priority as a YouTube content creator. There are several ways you can improve your video quality. First, make sure that space, where you record your videos, is clean with a neat and tidy background so that there is no distraction for your viewers. Next, focus on the audio quality. Make sure to use noise cancellation and other features for an enhanced experience. Other things to adjust and improve include lighting, image stabilization, and video effects.

What Skills Do Video Editors Need?

When it comes to editing videos, particularly for YouTube, there isn’t a huge set of skill requirements to become successful. All you need is proper knowledge about the common video editing utilities and effects and how to use video editing software accordingly.

What Are the Primary Functions of Editing?

Several editing functions are required to create a high-quality, engaging video. Fortunately, most of these functions are included in a free video editing software for YouTube. Some of the primary functions include video trim, crop, split, rotate, join, adjust speed, add sound, transitions, and adjusting contrast and brightness.

How Can I Improve My Video Editing Skills?

The practice is the key to improving your video editing skills. It is recommended that you install a reliable video editing software and simply start using it for editing videos. The more you play around with its features, the more you will get the grasp of various video editing concepts. Use the software to get familiar with the most popular editing utilities and effects first. Next, focus on the advanced aspects. You don’t have to publish the videos.


In conclusion, these are the top picks for video editing software for YouTube content creation. As you can see, there are several different options available for each category, whether it is beginner-level editing, advanced editing, or professional content creation. If you are just starting your YouTube content creation journey, then it is recommended that you give iMyFone Filme a try. This is because not only is this tool new-user friendly, but it also comes with certain advanced features that will help you create stunning, unique, and engaging videos.

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