How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos

How to Add Subtitles to YouTube

With over 2 billion users, YouTube is leading the charge as one of the most popular online video-sharing platforms. Being available in 91 countries, this service is open to a host of different content creators and audience members. As such, the platform has 80 language options to cater to all of the different types of people that will be watching and sharing videos. So it is always better to add subtitles in multiple languages. So, further, in this article, we will learn How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos.

This international status means that content creators need to be aware of the fact that their videos could possibly reach somebody who speaks a different language, somebody who has impaired hearing or prefers to watch with the sound off. Videos should try to be accessible to any niche, as there is a high chance that somebody will want to watch but will struggle to get through it.

How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos

How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos

Subtitles are the key to this problem, as spoken words are translated to text on the screen, either in the native language in the video or a completely different one. This unlocks the ability for more people to have access to a video that might not have been understandable before. When creating videos on YouTube, it is always important to find a way to add subtitles, making the video that much more universal.

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Why Subtitles Are So Important and Relevant

It may seem small, but the availability of subtitles has a great impact on those who are watching and those who have created the YouTube video. When subtitles are available, research shows that 80% more people will watch the video till the end. This is important for the content creator as watch time is crucial for profits. If people stop watching halfway through, that negatively impacts the revenue of the video.

So many people use subtitles, even those who do not have difficulties with hearing. Videos with subtitles are beneficial to all, but content creators might not generally think of that as they create and publish a video. While the process of adding subtitles and captioning can be relatively simple, it might be a foreign concept.

Here are some of the best ways to add subtitles to a YouTube Video:

YouTube Video Manager

This is a convenient way for somebody to add subtitles to their videos, as this service is available on the YouTube platform, so it can all be done in-house. All that is required is for somebody to sign into their YouTube studio account, and they can go to the video manager section to add subtitles.

Previously published videos can be edited, so touch-ups can always be made to improve accessibility. With the option of selecting different languages and being able to edit past videos, this method is useful and efficient.

Using Circle Translations

Circle Translations is a reliable translation agency available worldwide, offering a wide variety of services from subtitle translation and closed captioning, to data collection and annotations. With over 70 million words translated each year, they emphasize trust and quality, which is key when important videos or documents are being translated into a foreign language one might not understand.

With a dedicated subtitle translation agency section, Circle Translations has much experience as they have processed over 20,000 hours of content each year. Unlike most systems and software, there is a human element behind all of the translations, because professionals work hard to complete projects by hand in 24 hours. Transcripts and translation services are available in over 60 languages and support various formats, making this company an all-rounder.

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Uploading a Pre-Written File

Instead of turning to a specific service, content creators who have the time, patience and skill can add subtitles to their own videos manually. While the process does take time, it does ensure that the content creator has full control over the captioning.

The subtitles can be created in any text editor, where the written text must be matched to the specific time on the video. By saving the file with an SRT extension, it can be easily uploaded on YouTube under the “Subtitles” section in the channel customization tab on the content creator’s channel.

YouTube Auto-Sync

Instead of pre-writing the subtitles, it is also possible to write them out on YouTube before publishing the video. By selecting the “Auto-Sync ” option under the subtitles tab, a content creator can type the transcript and edit the specific timings.

It is important to ensure the video has great audio quality, otherwise, this system will not work as well, it can be efficient and saves time when it comes to making detailed edits on where each subtitle must go within the video. The content creator will not have to stress about mismatching anything during the translation.

Using Google Drive

Google Drive keeps documents and data saved on a cloud service, making it much easier to retain all work should something go wrong. This is especially useful for adding subtitles, as much work goes into the process.

By signing into the specific Google Drive, a video can be uploaded and the caption tracks can be managed. Pre-written captions can be uploaded onto Google Drive and different language options are available. This service is simple and direct, making it accessible to all.

Final Thoughts

Subtitles are a must in this day and age, as it allows a greater connection between content creators and the viewers because people from all different walks of life can properly watch and understand the video on a shared platform. It also ensures that the videos will perform better and achieve much more on a global scale. Missing out on subtitles means that a content creator also misses out on extra views and watch time.

By turning to a service such as Circle Translations, content creators can confidently publish videos that have perfectly translated subtitles available in a list of languages catering to the needs and wants of many.

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