Best SEO and Digital Marketing Courses for Plumbers

Best SEO and Digital Marketing Courses for Plumbers 1

The Internet holds Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing courses for various industries. Plumbers can now take advantage of online training programs to improve opportunities for landing sales. With the many training courses available online, it may be challenging to choose which program puts the most value in your time and money. Here are four of the best SEO and Internet marketing courses for plumbers you can find online:

  1. SEMrush Academy

One of the tools used to check for keyword competition and other metrics is SEMrush. Aside from the tools needed to check for SEO, specialists in this field lent their expertise to teach willing learners on how to optimize their websites for the web.

SEMrush Academy offers many courses regarding SEO, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-per-Click (PPC), and Content Marketing. The course topics range from beginner-friendly to the complex. Specific courses in this academy also teach you how to use the SEMrush toolkit to help maximize your chances of beating the competition with your chosen keywords.

Plumbers can take advantage of the SEMrush Academy in various ways. For instance, there’s the training program entitled “SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford.” In here, you’ll learn about topics ranging from the SEO basics to finding out on-page signals. Thus, you’ll know to properly use and target keywords like “plumbing services Ohio” or “expert plumbers Chicago.”

Don’t worry if you think this online SEO course is going to put a dent in your company’s budget. This training program is free, and you’ll feed your mind with 31 different SEO and Internet marketing topics. To learn more about SEO and digital marketing for plumbers, check out

  1. SEO: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites from Udemy

Not all online SEO and digital marketing courses are free. For this course, you need to pay USD 9.99 to learn about different SEO techniques. However, you’ll take advantage of learning more than the bare essentials of SEO and Internet marketing from this course. In here, you’ll discover topics like:

  • The different factors to rank one on Google
  • Various technical SEO factors
  • Real-time SEO strategies
  • WordPress SEO Do’s and Don’ts
  • Site speed insights
  • Decrease the visitor bounce rate
  • Link building myths and truths

Before you enter, you need to have a small amount of knowledge for SEO, at least. As a plumber, you may or may not prioritize SEO for your website as of late. Know that it’s not too late to learn how to optimize your plumbing site for the Internet and its search engines. With this course, you can learn how to take advantage of the different SEO facets, along with how to use specific WordPress plug-ins for online marketing.

You’ll learn the different ways to optimize your plumbing site with the help of the instructor, Arun Nagarathanam. He’s an online instructor with expertise in various fields like SEO, digital graphic design, and WordPress site development.

  1. Digital Plumbing Course from BlitzMetrics

If you’re looking for an SEO and digital marketing course for your plumbing business, then you might not go wrong with this training program from BlitzMetrics. With a title like the “Digital Plumbing Course,” you know that it’s not about plumbing, per se. However, you’ll learn how to use a “connected” approach to optimizing your online plumbing site to help you gather more customers. Think of it as a string of pipes properly connected to offer a trouble-free flow of water from the source.

Best SEO and Digital Marketing Courses for Plumbers 2

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use and benefit from Google Tag Manager
  • Add Google Analytics and AdWords to your site’s optimization data
  • Set up a remarketing configuration to help increase visitor and customer retention

Buying and downloading this course will put you in the front seat of experts in the SEO and Internet marketing industries. A few examples of the different speakers include:

  • Isaac Irvine from GoDaddy
  • Larry Kim from WordStream, Inc.
  • Facebook Marketing Expert Mari Smith
  • Kenny Lauer from the Golden State Warriors team
  • Phil Mershon from the Social Media Examiner

Completing this course will also give you a special certificate of completion. Use the tips and tricks you learn from this training program to enhance customer acquisition and retention for your plumbing site.

  1. Yoast SEO Training

Many WordPress site owners, even those in the plumbing sector, use the Yoast plug-in. At its core, it’s an SEO plug-in. Now, it also offers a free SEO training course for beginners. It’s a quick way to get your hands and feet wet, so to speak, in optimizing your plumbing website.

In this online SEO and Internet marketing training program, you’ll learn topics like SEO basics and quick tips. That’s about the only topics you’ll get from the free SEO training course from Yoast.

However, there are also other paid courses offered. Among the nine programs offered, two notable packages are the All-around SEO and Yoast training subscription programs. The former gives you practical tips about SEO while giving you regularly updated information about digital marketing. The latter gives you access to all of Yoast’s nine courses.

Both the All-around SEO and Yoast training subscription programs require payment. Also, it’s important to note that Yoast requires a subscription-based payment for these packages. For the All-around SEO program, it’s USD 199 per year, whereas the Yoast training subscription needs a fee of USD 499 per year. These programs are ideal for both beginners and veteran SEO practitioners in different niches.

Advertising and marketing your plumbing business doesn’t have to restrict you with offline methods. Use the Internet to enroll and download SEO and Internet marketing courses to help your plumbing site gather visitors and customers. Specific programs will even teach you how to target locally. Hence, you can attract visitors to a particular location with the keywords you choose. Many online courses are available for you to select. Take your time in feeding your mind with knowledge about SEO and digital marketing to use the Internet to your plumbing business’ advantage.

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