What are the Best Strategies for Social Media Marketing in 2024?

6 Common Misconceptions about Social Media Marketing

It is very very difficult to believe actually but the reality is at least 84% of the users globally have at least one account in any of the social media. There are almost 4 billion social media users all over the world until 2019. Connecting the customers through social media has become one more important aspect of any business. It is the desire of the businessmen to reach their target audience through social media platforms because the indulgence of each of the individual is social media is immense.

Social media is something that changes with consumer interests, product availability, and of course, your marketing budget. Social media marketing strategy is very dynamic and it can not ever be static. One has to be very updated about the society which includes our customers, their choice, likeness and other such parameters to be able to reach them in person through your product.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies of 2024

When we all are very well aware of the social media platforms then it will be very foolish of us if we are not being able to use the social media platforms aptly for our businesses. But again when we want to boost our business then we must make some strategies as per our business which would interest our users. One must know that social media is a platform of entertainment so the content in social media must also be entertaining so that it attracts our users. When you make strategies for your business, you must also know which are the strategies that will be liked by your customers.

Social Media Contests

It is Important to conduct social media contest related to your business but majorly which will attract your customers. It has been found that running any contest in social media has been able to attract new users.  This is the most effective way of attracting the most number of new customers.  Although initially the social media contest was being run to get more likes for their page in social media. But later on through this contest, more new customers started coming to the business which turned out to be a plus point for the business.

In 2020 this technique will be used in a more advanced method to interact with their customer. This is why the social media strategy for 2020 must be that they must make more engaging content. Through contests, there will be other advantages such as existing followers will make a community for themselves, this will to attract more new customers. This strategy will also help to increase brand remembrance and also helps in getting audience feedback.

Rise of Video Content in Social Media

The video content is already the king in the social media platforms, videos are more important than written content. The importance of video content is very important with the emergence of emerging channels like Netflix and with video editing platforms such as TikTok, Smiley, Helo, and many more such platforms. Earlier YouTube used to be the only video platform but now we also have Hulu and IGTV for our videos. Visual content has taken the market of social media in 2020. People like watching videos more than reading texts. In 2020 the social media strategy would be to make video content viral on social media platforms. Videos are doing extremely well because the users are being able to relate to the videos more. The average TikTok using time is 45min more than FB, which is why now the business analysts are using TikTok more than FB video posts.

Create videos that feature you which makes the video natural and not only meant for promotion which many users do not like.

Create appealing and engaging videos for your customers so that they do not scroll up without reading.

Learn More About LinkedIn

Linked in has introduced many new features, which will help you market your content and amplify your business amongst the competitors in the market. Even in linked you will have to make your business page very engaging so that your customers or your competitors or you’re potential partners like your post and show interest to take the conversational market forward. The three most important aspects of LinkedIn are Banners, Call to Action, Long-Form Posts.

If you want to stay ahead in social media then you must have a banner in LinkedIn of your business.

Another important aspect is the Call To Action Button on LinkedIn, which drives the traffic directly to your own site. The CTA button will be displayed above the page on your business page.

The LinkedIn algorithm supports long-form posts for your business pages. Make LinkedIn posts of 700 characters which include the hashtags, emojis and other characts.

Augmented Reality in Camera

There is a difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality which we mostly do not understand. Let us just be assured that Augmented reality is something which is a feature in your smartphone which makes you look something else that you are not. Snapchat has first introduced this AR technology in the camera of the smartphones. They are merely the filters that are added to the user’s selfie camera which makes the user look different.

In 2020 we can expect AR studio on Facebook which might give a filter of a full scope photograph also the portrait ones and the selfies. AR continues to reign the social media platform and very soon it will rule the social media platforms hugely.

Relatable in Social Media

The most important aspect is top creat your loyal set of permanent customers who will reply to you no matter what and you must be able to serve to their needs as per their requirement. This is one of the latest strategies in social media marketing since you would be approaching them through an artificial platform where there will be no human touch so your post must be at least interactive.

The future of Content marketing through social media is to create reliable consumers. The year 2020 has just set in and we have already informed you about the social media trend, it the best time to implement all the social media strategy now to your business to see a change in your business by the end of this year.

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