10 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2021

Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android

Virtual reality is the technology that one needed for many years and now finally we the advancement in technology we are able to use VR. Ever since we have witnessed Microsoft’s VR gadgets like goggles and headgear for gamers and casual use, we knew that VR apps and gadgets are going to be needed more and more. If you are a beginner and you want to experience the bits of VR technology the all you need is a smart phone. In this article, we have come across a few of the Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android on the market that you can use for free.


Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android


 - 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2021

This particular play store application helps users to launch their favorite VR experiences, allows them to discover new apps, and set up a viewer. You can download this application and you can try various demos like:

  • Earth: This feature allows you to fly wherever your fancy takes you on Google Earth.
  • My Videos: This feature allows you to watch your videos on a big screen.
  • Exhibit: This feature helps you to examine cultural artifacts from every angle.

The above mentioned are just a few names of the demos that you can try. There are many more demos available, however, in order to completely enjoy this VR app, you’ll need a Cardboard viewer. You can get your cardboard viewer from http://g.co/cardboard.

2. YouTube VR

 - 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2021

The YouTube VR application allows users to experience their favorite YouTube channels, videos, and creators in virtual reality. This application turns every video on the platform into your own virtual reality experience and helps you to re-imagine YouTube as a 3D world where you can explore it from the inside.

With YouTube VR you get the chance to explore every video on YouTube, from 3D 360 videos to standard rectangular videos and you can immerse yourself in full 360-degree videos that put you at the center of the action. Moreover, the videos stay in front and center so that you can enjoy a lean-back experience. You can even switch between voice and keyboard controls to browse and search with ease.

3. Daydream

 - 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2021

This application brings high-quality virtual reality (VR) to Daydream-ready phones and this application helps you to launch your favorite virtual-reality experiences and you can browse from an ever-growing collection of apps and games. The app is loaded with a bunch of features that includes a Daydream-ready headset and controller, allows you to browse and install apps on the go or in VR, etc.

4. Fulldive VR – Virtual Reality

It is a user-generated Virtual reality content and navigation platform & a social platform for users where they can watch, react, comment & share their favorite videos. It is one of the Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android in the market. You can search your favorite from one million videos and you can even play over 500 games in VR Market offered by Fulldive. All content available on the platform comes from the approved sources that prohibit adult/mature content shown publicly. This application ideally works with any Virtual Reality viewer, including Google Cardboard VR or Daydream.

5. Titans of Space® Cardboard V

 - 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2021

Get lost in space with the Titans of Space VR app. Who knew that traveling in space could be cheap and safe? With the Titans of space app, you can have a virtual tour of the space. Moreover, this app is even considered the mother of all VR space apps. All you have to do is sit back and relax. Just put your VR glasses on, and welcome to the galaxy. Within a few seconds, you will experience that you are floating in space, visiting planet after planet and you can even read the information about it on your lap.

6. InCell VR

 - 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2021

InCell VR is designed for children and it is an educational app that teaches children about the human body. Moreover, instead of just watching, your child can engage by defending the system from viruses as they travel throughout the body. This educational VR game acts as a project for your child and helps them to learn about the human body in a more fancy way.

7. Minos Starfighter VR

 - 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2021

It is a first-person arcade space shooter game that is built for virtual reality, it features triple AAA graphics and the use of 3D positional audio. Moreover, it offers the most immersive and compelling VR experience available on Cardboard. You can either choose to disable VR mode in the main menu or you can play the game in VR mode as per your preference. Moreover, if your Google Cardboard / VR headset does not have a trigger button then you can disable the Trigger option in the main menu. This will allow head gaze based shooting. You can have the full fun and get the complete experience of the game with the headphones

8. Netflix VR

 - 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2021

Netflix VR is an ideal app for anyone with Netflix Subscription. The Netflix VR app will help you to binge-watch your favorite movies and shows in 3D. Moreover, you will be provided with two options for viewing your content. The first option is that you can choose the static view, so it feels like you’re sitting in a cozy den. Or, you can go with the second option i.e. you can choose to immerse yourself in the content with the void experience. The choice is yours and the app is available on the play store. Go get the app and dive deep into the world of VR.

9. VR Thrills

 - 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2021

Did you ever think that a simple VR app can take you on a wild roller coaster ride? Well, with the VR Thrills application you get the chance to fix your adrenaline without leaving your house. This app features prerecorded videos in first-person so that you can “feel” like you’re actually there. Moreover, the builder even offers an in-game tutorial to help you create your own roller coaster easily and fast. Once you have created your ride, they can be viewed by other creators and you too can watch your own ride in VR.

10. Expeditions

 - 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2021

Google Expeditions allows you to take a virtual trip. I guess this the most needed application in 2020. You can view scenes in 3D, you can travel to various corners of the earth, you can even see different cultures up close and you can explore areas you’ve never even known existed. This is the best for me on the list, and hopefully, it will turn out good for you too.


Hope you like this Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android List. A lot of big companies have been investing lately in their VR projects to enhance the experience of their users so we assembled a list of some of them for you. You should definitely try them out one at a time and choose the one which resonates the most with you.

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