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Biostar is a leading tech company specialized in motherboard, graphics and SSD from past 30 years. The company recently announced its new line of motherboard ‘J3160NH, J3060NH, J3160MD and J3160MP’. Which features 14nm intel Braswell refresh SoC processor, after this upgrade and many more improvements it gives an exemplary performance. The new 14nm processor is made for professional hi-tech clients which boasts several advance features.

The company is offering 4,500 INR for the all new motherboard with 14nnm processors, which offers a more competent and prevailing experience than the previous one. The new improvements also imbalance the enhancement for both CPU and GPU and gives a cutting-edge visual experience.


The Company also promises that the motherboards will save up to 40% power consumption and double the graphics performance. It will also give 50% more memory bandwidth while using the new DDR3L-1600.

Important Features:

Braswell Refresh: Braswell refresh is a new technology that enables the system to achieve a new fabrication process with the help of the 14nm SoC. Since the SoC Is smaller in size it need very less power to process any information, the installed SoC only need 6w of electricity to function. The device is also equipped with improved 8th gen Intel HD graphics.

14nm Processor: as we know that the SoC operates in less current, which allows more clock rate headroom for frequency incensement. Which improves the performance of the device to a new level.

Memory Bandwidth: The support of DDR3L-1600 insures that the new Braswell refresh SoCs to access memory faster than ever. Which increases the overall performance of the CPU.

HD Graphics: The 8th generation Intel HD graphics insures that the video we watch of the game we play, should deliver a better viewing experience. And with the new SoC on board multimedia tasks are smoother than ever.

That’s all for this guys, the device will launch in India pretty soon till then stay tuned with us and please subscribe two our Youtube channel for awesome tech videos. J

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