Elista Unveils Smart LED TV Series: Google TV-Powered Innovation

Elista Unveils Smart LED TV

Elista, a TeknoDome brand, has introduced its groundbreaking Xplore Smart LED TV series, marking its debut in the realm of Google TV-powered smart televisions. This new series, available in screen sizes ranging from 32” to 65”, brings a range of features to cater to the diverse preferences of Indian households.

Seamless Streaming Experience with Google TV:

Running on the intuitive Google TV OS, the Elista GTV Smart TV line-up promises a seamless streaming experience with best-in-class picture and sound performance. The inclusion of HDR10 and Dolby Audio support enhances the entertainment experience, placing these TVs in a class of their own. The Google TV OS ensures a user-friendly interface, allowing consumers to effortlessly navigate and access a wide variety of content on their home screen.

Revolutionary Launch and CEO’s Perspective:

Pawan Kumar, CEO of Elista, expressed the company’s commitment to reinventing the TV-viewing experience. “The new GTV Smart TV line-up offers high-performance smart televisions powered by the revolutionary Google TV operating system,” Kumar stated. With a focus on intuitive viewing, these smart TVs support Google voice commands, ensuring an immersive and user-friendly experience.

Elista’s Legacy of Cutting-Edge Technology:

Elista, known for delivering cutting-edge technology at affordable prices, continues this legacy with its Google TV-powered Smart LED TVs. The GTV-series offers personalized recommendations based on user viewing behavior and preferences. Users can customize their watchlist from their phones or tablets, emphasizing convenience and personalization.

Flagship Model and Audio Enhancement:

The flagship model, Elista GTV-65UILD, boasts a vibrant 65” UHD bezel-less display, supporting HDR10 and complemented by Dolby Audio for a cinematic streaming experience. Other models, such as GTV-55UILD, GTV-43FILD, and GTV-32HILD, come with integrated Sound Bars to ensure superior audio delivery.

Hassle-Free Connectivity and Pricing:

The Elista Xplore series ensures hassle-free connectivity with features like Bluetooth 5.1, Dual Band Wi-Fi, Apple TV support, and built-in Google Chromecast. The Smart LED TVs offer versatile placement options, whether wall-mounted for a sleek look or positioned on a cabinet using the bundled table-top stands.

Affordable Pricing and Availability:

With a starting price of just Rs. 16,999, the Elista GTV range is accessible to a wide audience and is available at leading consumer electronics stores. The pricing details for various models are as follows:

  • Elista LED-GTV-32HILD – Rs 16,999
  • Elista LED-GTV-43FILED – Rs 27,500
  • Elista LED-GTV-43UILD – Rs 31,500
  • Elista LED-GTV-50UILED – Rs 39,990
  • Elista LED-GTV-55UILED – Rs 42,990
  • Elista LED-GTV-65UILD – Rs 62,990

Explore the Elista Xplore Smart LED TV series – where innovation meets affordability for an unparalleled TV-viewing experience.

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