EVM EnMag Pro Power Bank with Magnetic Wireless Powerbank Launched in India

EVM EnMag Pro Powerbank with Magnetic Wireless Powerbank

EVM, owned by Hundia Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., released the EnMag Pro Power Bank. This Made in India power bank supports wireless and PD charging for contemporary customers on the move with a 10,000mAh capacity and Magsafe compatibility. EVM also sells high-quality IT and telecom items, like internal and external SSDs, RAM, wireless headphones, GAN chargers, and more, to meet computer fans’ different demands.

Dual wireless output trumps single wireless output in the latest EVM EnMag Power Bank series. This Magsafe Compatible Powerbank has 20W PD Fast Charging and 15W Max Wireless Output for convenient device charging. EVM’s simplistic design makes this 10,000mAh Power Bank useful, elegant, and tiny enough to carry in a handbag or backpack.

The tiny and lightweight EVM EnMag Pro Power Bank may be used as a desk charging station or a portable charger. The power bank has a leather stand for viewing and using your smartphone while wirelessly charging. This makes it excellent for charging numerous devices or using them while charging.

EVM EnMag Pro Power Bank Features:

EVM has long championed the Make in India movement, supporting the government’s goal of self-sufficiency and global manufacturing. EVM’s EnMag Pro Power Bank is quick and portable, keeping with its reputation.

Travel-friendly magnetic wireless charging.

The EnMag Pro Power Bank has a 15W Max Wireless dual output charging capacity for Magsafe iPhones, wireless watches, and TWS. 20W PD quick charging output makes it a flexible device charger. The EnMag Pro Power Bank is a great travel companion.

Smart Protection The EnMag Pro Power Bank puts safety first. It protects your devices against short circuits and electromagnetic fields using cutting-edge technology. It also prevents excessive heat discharge, preserving the battery body from overheating.

Elegant, Ergonomic Design

The EnMag Pro Power Bank is portable, lightweight, and ergonomic. EVM designed the EnMag Pro Power Bank to be portable and simple. It comes in black and white.

Unique 2-Year Warranty

EVM EnMag Pro Power Bank’s 2-year warranty ensures top-notch customer service. Pick-up and drop-off are provided for after-sales servicing. EVM EnMag Pro Power Bank lets you charge wirelessly.

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