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85 Best Hindi Dubbed Web Series on Netflix India

Are you tired of the language barrier? You found some excellent series to binge, but they’re in English, so you chickened out.

Well, you don’t have to do that anymore, there are awesome Hindi Dubbed Web Series on Netflix, just for you.

And though some are popular, some are hidden gems. We went ahead and compiled the Best Hindi Dubbed web series on Netflix India for you. Pick your next Saturday night special.

Best Hindi Dubbed Web Series on Netflix

The Asunta Case

85 Best Hindi Dubbed Web Series on Netflix India 1

On September 21, 2013, Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra, who are extremely concerned about their daughter’s abduction, report it to the police. Some hours later her body was discovered outside of Santiago de Compostela, close to a road. When some evidence points to Rosario and Alfonso perhaps masterminding the entire crime, things take an unexpected turn. The discovery of this news has stunned the entire country. However, what actually happened next?

Click here to watch.

2. Our Living World

Hindi Dubbed Web Series on Netflix

This breathtaking series of nature, narrated by Cate Blanchett, delves into the intelligence, resourcefulness, and interdependence of all life on Earth. The Earth throbs with life all over its thin veneer of green and blue. Expanding upon remarkable scientific findings, this video showcases breathtaking images of the planet’s amazing natural networks.

Click here to watch.

3. Heartbreak High (Season 2)

Hindi Dubbed Web Series on Netflix

The Australian comedy-drama Heartbreak High’s second season follows Hartley High students as they deal with drama, sex, love, and growing up. The season rewinds to explain what happened after the school catches fire in the first scene. A lot of dead birds are haunting the students, and Amerie finds out that someone is still hateful towards her. She needs to identify the person before it’s too late. This is one of the best Hindi Dubbed web series on Netflix.

Click here to watch

4. Anthracite

Hindi Dubbed Web Series on Netflix

In the French drama series Anthracite, available on Netflix, a reporter goes missing and his daughter explores a remote mountain village full of dangerous secrets for him. A religious sect in the Alps commits mass suicide at the start of the series, and thirty years later, a man who is looking into the cult is abducted. Ida, his daughter, sets out to track him down in the highlands in an attempt to unravel the mystery behind a series of ritualistic murders.

Click here to watch.

5. 3 Body Problem

85 Best Hindi Dubbed Web Series on Netflix India 2

Chinese author Liu Cixin’s science fiction trilogy, The Three-Body Problem, narrates the tale of Earth’s encounter with an otherworldly civilization from a nearby three-sun system. The series starts in 1960s China with a young woman making a choice that has an impact on people and places throughout space and time. It is set in the past, present, and future. The plot centers on a team of scientists known as the Oxford Five who have to cooperate in order to prevent a devastating threat to the planet.

Click here to watch

This is not all. We have got more for you. Drag down to explore more Hindi Dubbed Web Series on Netflix and make the weekends worth it.

Other best Hindi Dubbed Web Series on Netflix.

Here are some other best Hindi dubbed web series on Netflix . Pick out your favourite genre, and do not let the binge end.

S.N.Movie NameIMDb RatingGenreNetflix Link
1A Series of unfortunate events7.5Gothic Fictionclick here
3AJ and the Queen7.5Comedy, Dramaclick here
4Alexa and Katie7.4Comedy, DramaClick here
5Altered Carbon8.1Science-fiction, mysteryClick here
6Another Life4.1Science-fiction, dramaclick here
7Away6.6Science-fiction, dramaClick here
8Bad Blood7.5Crime DramaClick here
9Black Mirror8.8Science- fictionClick here
10Chilling Adventure of Sabrina7.6Supernatural horror dramaClick here
11Cobra Kai8.7Action Comedy-dramaClick here
12Coronavirus explained7.7DocuseriesClick here
13Criminal: U.K.7.4British Police Procedural Anthology seriesClick here
14Cursed5.8Fantasy DramaClick here
15Dare me6.7Teen Drama, Thriller MysteryClick here
16Daredevil8.6Action-adventure, Crime-dramaClick here
17Daybreak6.7Teen Drama, AdventureClick here
18Dead to me8Crime Drama, Black ComedyClick here
19Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings7.6comedy-dramaClick here
20Dracula6.8Drama, horrorClick here
21Flinch4.2Television game showClick here
22Great News7Comedy ,SitcomClick here
23Happy8.2Black comedy, crime dramaClick here
24Hollywood7.6DramaClick here
25Hoops6Comedy ,Sitcom ,ActionClick here
26House of Cards8.7Drama Crime , ThrillerClick here
27I am not okay with this7.6Comedy,Drama,Romance,SitcomClick here
28Indian Matchmaking6.2Family,RomanceClick here
29Insatiable6.5Comedy drama, Suspense,ThrillerClick here
30Jessica Jones7.9Action,Drama,ThrillerClick here
31Jinn3.5HorrorClick here
32Julie and the Phantoms8.4Comedy,Adventure,DramaClick here
33Living with Yourself7.2Science-fiction,Comedy,DramaClick here
34Lock and Key7.4Drama ,Fantasy , HorrorClick here
35Lost in Space7.3Science-fiction,AdventureClick here
36Lucifer8.2police procedural comedy-dramaClick here
37Luke and Cage7.3Crime Drama , Scientific fictionClick here
38Lunatics6.6mockumentary-style comedyClick here
39Malibue Rescue5.2Action, Family genreClick here
40Messiah7.6Drama, mystery, thrillerClick here
41Mindhunter8.6Crime DramaClick here
42Narcods8.8Crime dramaClick here
43Never have i ever7.9teen comedy-dramaClick here
44October Faction6.1supernatural dramaClick here
45Orange is the new Black8.1comedy-drama\Click here
46Outer Banks7.6teen-drama, mysteryClick here
47Ozark8.4Crime-drama, thrillerClick here
48Ratched7.6psychological thrillerClick here
49Sex Education8.3teen-dramaClick here
50Sneakerheads6Mystery, dramaClick here
51Snowpiercer6.7Sci-Fi, thrillerClick here
52Soundtrack6.7musical dramaClick here
53Space Force6.8Political sattire, comedy-dramaClick here
54Snipping Out7.7Rom-ComClick here
55Stranger Things8.8Sci-Fi, horror dramaClick here
56Team Kaylie4SitcomClick here
57Teenage Bounty Hunter7.7comedy-dramaClick here
58The A List5.4Click here
59The Crown8.7Historical dramaClick here
60The end of the fucking world8.1Black comedy TragicomedyClick here
61The GIft7.5drama, mystery, and thriller seriesClick here
62The Healing powers of Dude6.3ComedyClick here
63The I-Land4.5Sci-fi, thrillerClick here
64The Indian Detective6.5Crime, drama, mysteryClick here
65The Letter to the king5.9FantasyClick here
66The Politician7.5satire, comedy dramaClick here
67The Protector6.8Sci-fi, romanceClick here
68The Sleepover6.5Family and kidsClick here
69The Society7.1Mystery and teen dramaClick here
70The Umbrella Academy8Superhero, comedy dramaClick here
71The Spy7.9Thriller and dramaClick here
72The Strange7.3Crime, thriller and mysteryClick here
73The Unlisted6.4children’s science fiction dramaClick here
74The Witcher8.2Action, adventureClick here
75Titans7.7Science fantasy, superheroClick here
76Trinkets7.1Teen dramaClick here
77Unbelievable8.4Crime dramaClick here
78V Wars6.1science fiction horror thriller dramaClick here
79Vikings8.5Historical dramaClick here
80Virgin River7.5Romantic dramaClick here
81What If6.3Anthology seriesClick here

If you have any suggestions for hindi dubbed web series on Netflix that you think we should add to our list of Hindi Dubbed Web Series on Netflix India, please feel free to drop a comment, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you like our content, please bookmark our website and stay tuned. Read more on

What is Netflix’s most loved web series?

Without a doubt, all the above-mentioned series are the most watched series on Netflix.

Which are the best Hindi dubbed web series on Netflix?

Some of the best Hindi dubbed web series on Netflix are The Unbelievable, Titans, and Witcher. The full list is mentioned in detail in the blog.

Which series is full of suspense on Netflix?

Virgin River and the Vikings is a series full of suspense.

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