Honor India announces Android Q support for Honor 20-series smartphones

Honor India announces Android Q support for Honor 20-series smartphones 1

Huawei, a leading global provider of information and smart devices has recently launched Honor 20-series of smartphones. Honor is a leading smartphone e-brand under Huawei. The company declares that the recently launched Honor 20-series of smartphones will continue to receive security patches and Android Updates. Not only Honor 20 series smartphones but the brand claims that all of the Honor’s smartphones and tablets would continue to receive security and Android Updates.

In one of it’s tweet, Honor India said: Our most popular devices, including Honor 20 series will be able to access Android Q and anyone who has already bought, or is about to buy an Honor smartphone can continue to access the world of app as they have always done. All devices continue to be covered by our manufacturer’s warranty and will receive full support accordingly.

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Huawei mobile UK in a tweet said: The company has already launched the beta program for the Android Q which is running on HONOR 20 series phones. After Google has decided that it would cut access to some of Huawei Operating system features, Huawei found an alternative Operating system of it’s own, named as “hongmeng OS”. Huawei even claims that the 3rd party applications can be easily installed on their devices without any issues.

As per the information available on the official website of Honor and Huawei, it is pretty much clear that their products would continue to receive Android firmware and security updates.

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