How to Choose the Right Survival Knife. Learn from Experts

How to Choose the Right Survival Knife. Learn from Experts 1

There are situations we all get into in life which are unexpected, unfriendly, and ultimately life-threatening. If you’ve jumped the queue at Walmart or shot into a parking space just as someone else was preparing to reverse into it, the chances are you (hopefully) won’t need a survival knife.

However, when you’re heading out to camp, hike, fish or hunt, any expert will tell you that a good, dependable survival knife should be the first thing you pack into your kit, as it may potentially be your last line of defense against the elements. Let’s look at what makes a knife one of the ultimate survival tools that should never be far from your side.

Your primary survival tool

OK, you’ve got yourself a new machete, or a multi-tool which has a fold out the blade on it. Maybe a sleek looking new fold-out which you can’t wait to use. While these are without doubt useful additions to your kit they are secondary to what you should class as a survival knife.

Remember that a survival knife is an essential piece of survival equipment, and must be robust enough, and the right size and strength to stand up to any rigors you might face in the unforgiving arena of the great outdoors.

If you’re going fishing or hunting, you may want to consider a rugged knife like the Urban Camo. This automatic knife is forged to fight with no apologies.

Fixed vs. Folding Blade

It’s simple mechanics, really. A joint of any kind can be a weakness. This is why a fixed blade will always have the upper hand when it comes to choosing a survival knife. You don’t want your one of your primary survival tools breaking when you need it most.

The Korudo offers the biggest bang for the buck. This fixed blade cleanly cuts through ropes and twines without the need to saw with a serrated edge. The knife is optimized for survival situations and has a clean-cut shape with no bells and whistles. Perfect for cutting and cleaning a kill.

You should always base your choice on strength, durability, and versatility. Some folding tactical or survival knives do come equipped with other useful features such as built-in flashlights, so, you shouldn’t overlook them entirely.


It goes without saying, but if you’re left with just one piece of survival equipment, that piece needs to fulfill a wide range of purposes. From chopping wood for building a shelter to gutting a fish, to hacking your way through thick vegetation, you need something that can do the job quickly and without sustaining damage.

Remember that the handle and the point of your knife are as important survival tools as the cutting edge of the blade, and should be sharp and sturdy enough to withstand heavy usage, rough weather, and all situations.

Tekto Mirage is positioned as the most versatile high-performance endurance knife. The knife offers a smooth double-edged Damascus blade with a serrated saw, a glass-breaker, and clip.

  • Size, shape, quality

We’ve established that a fixed blade survival knife or a very sturdy fold-out is ideal for your needs. And when it comes to choosing your survival knife size definitely does matter. Your blade should be in the 4” – 6” range, with the handle roughly the same. If the knife is a fixed blade it should be full tang (which means that the blade extends through the handle, strengthening it further).

Whatever type of survival knife you go for, remember that the grip should be top quality, the handle should be sturdy and solid and the tip should be sharp. While most experts recommend a fixed blade, if you do go for a folding blade you need to ensure that it also has these qualities.

The saying goes that ’the best knife you have is the one you have with you’ – but it goes without saying that the sturdier and more durable your survival knife is, the better.

  • Sleek looks

Ok, we all love a great looking knife, a decorative handle, the latest features. But let’s not forget what we’re looking for here. This is a piece of survival equipment, and you might be alone when you’re using it to survive. If you’re lucky enough to have a companion in such a situation, they probably won’t be in the mood to admire your knife’s good looks, but they will appreciate its functionality in getting you both to safety.

  • Knife care

It’s important to look after all the knives you own, but seeing as this one is your survival knife, take extra care in keeping it clean and sharp. A good sheath is a must, and also keeps your knife close to hand.

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