How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently in Just 2 Minutes!

how to delete instagram account permanently

Want to delete Instagram account permanently? Yes, we heard you! I understand that social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, can be a difficult place for some individuals, and while it’s thrilling to be on SM, it also presents issues. Mental harassment, online fraud, a horrible breakup, and digital identity theft might cause you to scream. I quit! So, if you’ve chosen to erase your Instagram account permanently and are curious about the broad horizon of Netflix, Coffee, Food, and Mountains, this article is for you.

In this article, we will look at how to Delete Instagram Account Permanently. We will also discuss the procedures you should take to download your data before beginning the deletion.

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently in 2024

Delete Instagram Account Permanently
  1. Visit the “Delete Your Account” page.
  2. Select Reason and Re-enter Password.
  3. Press the confirmation button to delete Instagram account permanently
  4. If you do not want to destroy your account, choose “Temporarily deactivate my account”.
  5. Choose an option from the drop-down box next to “Why are you deactivating your account?” and enter your password again.
  6. You will not be able to delete your account until you have selected a reason from the drop-down menu and entered your password.
  7. Tap Temporarily Deactivate Account. Tap No to cancel, or Yes to confirm.

How to delete Instagram account permanently on a PC or Mac

There are two ways to delete Instagram account permanently from your Windows PC or Mac. Use a direct link to the deletion request page or move from your profile to the appropriate settings page. With these options, your profile will be deactivated for 30 days before being permanently deleted. If you change your mind, simply log in before the 30-day time expires and cancel the deletion process.

How to download your Instagram data before deleting it?

When you delete Instagram account permanently it saves all of your data in the archive; however, deleting your account deletes all of your videos, images, followers, and other information. Once erased, the data is permanently destroyed and cannot be retrieved. However, this is a pleasant solution to the problem. If you decide to completely deactivate your Instagram account, all you need to do is download your photos and other data from the app and web platform. Additionally, to obtain a copy of your account information, take these simple steps.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Once logged in, click on the profile icon.
  3. Choose ‘Settings’ from the hamburger symbol.
  4. Then you must navigate to the Instagram app’s security settings. The web platform has an option under “Privacy and Security”.
  5. Scroll down in the ‘Settings’ menu until you reach the ‘Data and History’ option.
  6. The ‘Request Download’ button is beneath the ‘Download Data’ title.
  7. Pressing this button will give you fast access to all of your Instagram data!

All of your images, comments, post profile data, and other information will be saved to a file for you within 48 hours of your request. Keeping a copy of your account in case you need it in the future is a great idea, even if you don’t plan to save your data from the site itself.

Should you deactivate or delete Instagram account permanently?

If you wish to permanently leave Instagram, delete your account. If you aren’t sure you want to take a permanent sabbatical, deactivate your account for 30 days. Remember that cancelling your Instagram account permanently removes your profile, followers, photographs and videos, comments, and likes.

Deactivating your account is just temporary; you can reactivate it at any moment. The decision to deactivate or delete Instagram is based on your individual circumstances and social media ambitions. Perhaps you desire a digital detox, increased privacy, or fewer unwelcome distractions. Perhaps you’re concerned about user data security, child safety, mental health, scams, or Instagram hackers. If you simply want to take a break from Instagram, deactivating your account will temporarily hide it until you are ready to resume.


If you follow the guidelines and delete all of your posts and followers from Instagram, your account will be permanently deleted. However, you have 30 days to revoke the deletion request and reactivate your account on the website. Nobody will be able to see anything you submit or comment on during this time period.

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