IIT Madras Researchers Develop World’s First Rechargeable Iron Ion Batteries

IIT Madras Researchers Develop World’s First Rechargeable Iron Ion Batteries

We all are aware of rechargeable batteries that uses lithium but now researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras have developed the world’s first rechargeable battery that uses iron instead of Lithium. This has largely replaced Nickel- Cadmium which used to be the most popular choice for rechargeable batteries worldwide.

How does this technology functions?

As per the post available on the official website of IIT- Madras:

It uses an anode made out of low-carbon steel, a cathode built with vanadium pentoxide, and iron chlorate as electrolyte.

Advantages of rechargeable Iron Ion battery:

  1. It will cost less as compared to the existing lithium ion batteries.
  2. Iron ion battery are more safe and stable to use as iron does not produce dendrite and hence it helps in preventing short-circuits while discharging electricity.
  3. Iron ion battery is claimed to offer slightly better storage capacity.

Disadvantages of rechargeable Iron Ion battery:

  1. Iron ion battery are only capable of going through about 150 cycles of charging and discharging, which is several times less than that of lithium ion units.
  2. The energy density of iron ion battery is only around 220 Wh/kilo whereas the energy density of lithium ion battery is about 350 Wh/kilo.
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