Innovative Methods of Distributing Promotional Products

Distributing Promotional Products

One of the most effective ways of advertising to prospective customers is by using promotional products. Tangible items that bear your company’s logo or name are a great way to enhance brand awareness. These promotional products allow your clients to physically connect with your company.

There are a wide range of items that can be used as promotional products. You could use colorful notepads, shirts, mugs, etc. The more innovative and creative the item is, the more memorable the impact will be on the minds of your consumers.

Although many businesses know how powerful these merchandises are, the strategy to distribute them and maximize engagements is what many lack. To ensure you get the most out of this market strategy, we’ll share with you different innovative methods of distributing promotional products that will be memorable and lead to an increase in sales. If you’re ready to learn, let’s begin…

Holiday Gifts

Holidays are seasons of sharing and love, and what more screams love from your business to your customers as loudly as gifts? The gifts don’t have to be so big or elaborate. As they say, it’s the thought that counts.

You can wrap a box of chocolates, personalized mugs, or even a branded pent. Then send it to your loyal customers as a show of your appreciation. As part of the management, you can even do this for your staff. This will foster the spirit of unity and love outside and inside the company all in the spirit of the holidays.

Conference Giveaways

If you want to market your brand in your field, you need to attend conferences. These events are powerful tools for establishing your company’s relevance and position. Also, they allow you to distribute your promotional merch.

Since it’s a conference, most folks would appreciate a branded notepad or pen. The idea is to build brand awareness. You can either give the items at the end of the conference as they leave or during the event. If it’s an event where your business has a booth, you can give out the products when people come to your booth.

Trade Shows Giveaways

Maximizing the effects of distributional products involves doing it at the perfect time and reaching the right individuals. Trade shows allow you to meet these two criteria. Individuals at trade shows are interested in your industry.

Therefore, it’s not so difficult to interest them in what you offer. Using high-quality promotional items can easily draw people to your exhibition stall. Use eye-catching displays that will let your stall stand out among other competitors. Giving away branded handy pens or key tags can be a memorable merch that will always remind them of your company. 

Show Appreciation to Customers

We all love to be appreciated and showing appreciation with a simple item to loyal customers can go a long way in securing their continuous patronage. You can take advantage of a loyalty program to encourage consistent purchases. For each purchase, they are liable for a reward in the form of a sample or promotional product. The more you do this, the more they will return to patronize you.

Incentivize Bloggers and Influencers

This is a digital era where smartphone and internet access are common. Social media and the internet have given rise to influencers and bloggers. You can take advantage of this group of people to grow your brand.

These individuals have a large following of people. So, you can give out your promotional products to influencers and bloggers with the request that they post photos of the products on social media. If possible, they can drop a testimonial as well. This simple strategy can lead to a massive boost in sales.

Take Advantage of Product Launch and Grand Openings

If you’re having a grand opening or the launch of a new product, giving out promotional products can make the event more memorable. It can also increase the sales of the new product as the people will want to identify with your brand. Examples of items you can give out include T-shirts, calendars, etc.

Sponsor a Local Event

If there’s a local event coming up in your location, you can choose to sponsor it. This will give you the chance to distribute your promotional merch. As usual, ensure the merchandise has your company’s name and logo. Adding a message can make your brand unforgettable for everyone who attends.


Distributing promotional products has so many advantages. The reason many businesses are not profiting from this marketing strategy is that their distribution methods are not innovative. To counter this ineffectiveness, the article above has discussed several innovative methods for distributing your promotional products.

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