Logitech Wave Keys: Elevating Comfort and Wellbeing with Ergonomic Design

Logitech Wave Keys: Elevating Comfort and Wellbeing with Ergonomic Design 1

In a bid to prioritize worker comfort and well-being, Logitech has unveiled Wave Keys, a wireless ergonomic keyboard designed to enhance the typing experience at home and in the office. As the demand for ergonomic solutions rises, with a projected growth rate of 4.6% over the next seven years according to RationalStat’s recent market report, Wave Keys stands out with its unique features.

Roopak Krishnan, Head of Marketing and Category, Logitech India, emphasized the company’s commitment to designing workspace essentials that are both attractive and ergonomic. “We believe that everybody deserves to feel good at the end of a day of work,” Krishnan stated, underscoring Wave Keys’ focus on workspace wellbeing.

Wave Keys boasts a signature wave design that places hands, wrists, and forearms in a natural typing position, offering instant familiarity and comfort without the need to relearn typing techniques. The keyboard includes an integrated cushioned palm rest for sustained wrist support throughout the day. With a compact layout available in classic colorways – Graphite and Off-White – Wave Keys seamlessly fits into various home or office desk setups.

Designed in line with Logitech’s commitment to improving people’s lives, Wave Keys is certified carbon neutral, showcasing the company’s dedication to considering environmental and social impacts in every design decision. The plastic parts of the keyboard incorporate certified post-consumer recycled plastic, giving a second life to end-of-use plastic from old consumer electronics.

Wave Keys, part of Logitech’s ERGO Series, is multi-OS compatible, connecting via Bluetooth® or the included Logi BOLT receiver for enhanced security. It supports up to three devices simultaneously, allowing users to effortlessly switch between devices with a simple button tap. The Logi Options+ App further enhances the user experience, enabling personalization with productivity shortcuts and smart actions to streamline daily tasks.

Priced at INR 6,995, Wave Keys sets a new standard for ergonomic keyboards in both Graphite and Off-White colorways. This latest addition to Logitech’s ERGO Series aligns with the company’s human-centered and science-driven approach to product design, undergoing rigorous testing at Logitech’s Ergo Lab and earning the stamp of approval from US Ergonomics.

Logitech Wave Keys not only elevates the typing experience but also signifies Logitech’s ongoing commitment to workplace wellbeing through thoughtful design and innovation.

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