Millions Of Indian Gamers Converge To Promote Dementia Awareness

Millions Of Indian Gamers Converge To Promote Dementia Awareness

There is a rising dementia issue in India, with an estimated 8.8 million people affected. This accounts for around 7.4% of Indians aged 60 and more. The ‘Gamers for Dementia Awareness (GFDA)’ campaign was launched by the foundation of gaming platform MPL in response to this pressing issue. Its stated goals are to mobilize millions of gamers in an effort to increase public understanding of dementia and provide aid to those who are at risk for or living with the disease.

With an estimated 421 million players in India, there is a tremendous chance to use gaming for good in the country. In light of this opportunity, MPL has collaborated with the Dementia India Alliance (DIA), Vridhcare, Kaha Mind, the Electronic Games and Players Welfare Association (EPWA), and ElderAid via the MPL Foundation to create this program. On September 21, in honor of World Alzheimer’s Day, this campaign will launch.

The campaign’s goal is to fill the information gap on dementia using a variety of means. The effort includes the establishment of a dementia awareness website at This site is a great starting point for learning more about dementia and the steps you can take to protect yourself against developing the disease. Free online screenings are also available via DIA, making it a priceless tool for anyone in need of advice and information. Programs aimed at raising awareness among young people and community outreaches to the elderly are two further examples of what we do.

“MPL Foundation has always been dedicated to leveraging the power of gaming for meaningful social impact,” Dibyojyoti Mainak, Managing Trustee, MPL Foundation, stated in response to the project. Our extensive network, accessible digital tools, active participation in social media, and presence on the ground are all part of the ‘Gamers for Dementia Awareness’ campaign’s strategy to raise awareness and effect change. We are certain that, together with our highly regarded partners, we can make a major impact in India’s fight against the dementia pandemic.

Dr. Radha S. Murthy, President of the Dementia India Alliance, has observed, “Dementia is a difficult problem that demands a holistic response. By collaborating with people in industries as diverse as gaming and elder care, we can make our society better for everyone.

Vridhcare, a non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on the well-being of seniors for the last four years, will partner with the campaign to provide in-person activities specifically targeting the aged community. In addition to educating the public about dementia, these activities will provide elderly people access to useful resources. The gaming business will give out “Get Active” kits to seniors to help them have a healthier life and learn the warning signs of dementia.

According to Vridhcare’s director, Gargi Lakhanpal: “Dementia is a frequent condition among the older population. Its most frequent form, Alzheimer’s disease, is on the increase in India. We think that real transformation begins with self-awareness.  Awareness of the challenges and demands of the aging population may be raised via such activities. We are privileged to be a part of this effort.

As a result of shifting social norms and economic conditions, India’s aging population is increasingly at risk for a range of mental health issues. Maintaining mental health is crucial for seniors since it has a direct impact on their cognitive capacities and general well-being, as stated by Aakriti Joanna, Founder and CEO of Kaha Mind. Insuring a great quality of life as one ages relies heavily on this factor. In order to ensure the well-being of the elderly, we must provide special attention to their mental health.

ElderAid, a group that works to better the lives of the elderly, highlighted the need of being physically active. “We firmly believe that promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for the elderly can significantly impact cognitive health,” stated Dr. Vandana Nadig Nair, Chief Evangelist and Co-founder, ElderAid. We feel that the ‘Gamers for Dementia Awareness’ movement is a wonderful fit for our goals. We can enhance the health of our elderly population as a whole if we encourage them to maintain active lifestyles.

The MPL Foundation will work in tandem with the gaming community to promote the five-point commitment in an effort to raise dementia awareness. The pledge contains promises to maintain meaningful relationships with seniors, learn to see the early warning symptoms of dementia, guide seniors to available resources, motivate seniors to maintain healthy mental, physical, and social routines, and expose seniors to online gaming and other intellectually engaging activities.

EPWA, an organization that speaks for gamers and esports competitors online, will help spread the word. Esports and gaming are great instruments to create awareness on crucial topics,” Shivani Jha, Director, EPWA, said in reference to the gaming community’s role in generating awareness. We think that by harnessing the energy and power of gamers, we can make a significant and meaningful contribution to raising dementia awareness and generating funding for research and treatment. It’s about channeling our shared fervor toward a higher good, changing the world for the better, and making sure that no one has to deal with dementia on their own.

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