Modern Design Trends You Can Expect to See More of in 2022

Modern Design Trends

When it comes to marketing, excellent designing is an inseparable component. From logos to the website interfaces, posters, and apps, design makes the brand stand out and creates a distinct identity. 

As most industries switched to an online work mode due to the coronavirus, they explored the passages of the internet and addressed the potential it holds. Companies and brands with market foresight use the digital space to expand their reach and turn to designers for assistance with exceptional marketing material.

The responsibility of designers in the current market setting is much more than utilizing their creative abilities. With the change in how the audience approaches the digital space, companies focus on new marketing strategies. Designers are further assisting companies in accomplishing their plans by working on functional, relevant, and accessible designs. 

As a digital marketing agency working on its action plan for 2022, you need to stay updated with all the modern design trends to stay relevant in the space. If you are wondering about a place to get a list of these trends, we have your back. In this article, we will focus on the design trends of 2022. 

The focus is on fun, comprehensive and straightforward designs that communicate the intent directly to the viewer. 

Below are some of the features you will witness in 2022 as part of its modern design trends. 

Inclusive visuals

Today, the general public is aware of most social and cultural causes. This awareness motivates and invites the idea of inclusivity in design. Users from diverse backgrounds seek representation, and designers who adhere to diversity deliver representation through their designs. 

This inclusivity is offered both through graphical and textual approaches. An example could be the inclusion of a gay, lesbian and heterosexual couple through graphics on the home page of a wedding collection website. A simple change in pronouns from ‘him and her’ to ‘they’ is all it takes for a design to become more inclusive in this case. 

Design should both influence and accept positive changes in our society. Inclusivity is a feature that is going to step up in 2022 and add to the marketing potential of brands and their user interactions. 

Fun data visualizations

With the audience getting more aware and seeking facts and figures to assure the credibility of information, designers are focusing on data representation in a visualized graphical format. Designers use pop colors, catchy designs, and fun elements like pie charts, bar graphs, and data graphics as fun data visualizations to add to the appeal.

2022 will see more formats of fun visualizations as companies start focusing on performance communication through data analytics. 

Bold backgrounds

As more content is making its way to a user’s feed, designers are looking for ways to catch their attention. Bold backgrounds with appealing fonts are among the upcoming design trends for 2022. 

These backgrounds with bright and bold colors will allow designers to make the data and information stand out. It will add to the visual quotient and enable the user to interact with the brand and product information in a more pleasing manner. 

Colorful illustrations

Illustrations are powerful visual communication tools that instantly display a brand’s messaging and influence users with creative and attractive designs. They highlight the information that requires to be advertised and manage to entertain the audience simultaneously.

Creativity never fails to intrigue the audience, and the added touch of the evergreen format of illustrations is a combination that the designers are set to use in 2022. 

Connectivity across platforms

As more ventures add to the market competition, designers are focused on designs that captivate their audience and engage them for a relatively long period. 

While a design might be displayed over a website, email, or social media platform, it will link to the brand handles across different platforms. Many designers incorporate call-to-action buttons that urge users to explore more and eventually connect with the brand. 

2022 will see more connectivity across platforms and will explore additional internet avenues coming up in the future. 

Branded memes

Can we deny the power of memes after being a part of the social media culture that has made stars overnight by simply creating funny and sarcastic images, texts, and videos? The answer is No!

Memes are a fun yet impactful form of marketing that has held its place in the design industry. Designers have recognized their potential, and they use memes to express complex or technical information in the most entertaining way possible.

From multimillionaire companies to startups and individual creators, everyone addresses the relevance of memes and uses the trend to enhance their marketing game. 2022 will hold firm to the meme trend and come up with more innovations in the field. 

While it might seem to be a simple task for designers, they are focusing on research and the relevance of memes to pair them with the data required to be communicated with the audience. Brands use memes to grow their online presence and attract more traffic to connect with prospective audiences and customers. 

Design is one of the most dynamic and constantly shifting industries. From monochromes to bright color pops and comprehensive to minimalistic designs, it takes a snap of a second for the trends to change. If you aspire to make a name in the industry or use the power of design to enhance the market presence of your brand, your top priority must be to stay up-to-date with all the market trends.

According to this San Diego Digital Design Company, users from the current digital generation have a different outlook towards designs. They see beyond aesthetics and seek a user experience that stands true to their values and stays relevant to the market. As designers, you need to understand your target audience and their expectations from your design.

2022 is expected to witness the growth of a significant number of startups, fresh marketing ventures, and many more projects in the education, healthcare, and entertainment sector. With these enterprises stepping into the market, there will be greater demand for designs and a search for marketing and digital designing agencies delivering great assistance with the same. 

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