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Philips launches its Wireless Performance Range in India

The three new wireless Bluetooth headphones TAPN505, TAPH802 and TAPN402 with Hi-Res Audio will be available at INR 11,990, INR 10,990 & INR 7,990 respectively


Philips, a Multinational conglomerate company, has today announced the availability of its latest wireless Bluetooth Headphones: TAPN505, TAPH802, and TAPN402. The TAPN505 is a lightweight, flexible neckband that features Google Assistant and Active Noise Cancellation.  The Philips TAPH802 headphones sport 30 hours playtime for an enjoyable commute with balanced and detailed sound. On the other hand, the Philips TAPN402 earphones come with IPX4, vibration mode, and sleek design to match consumers’ comfort and convenience.

The one thing common in all these three headphones is that they come with Line-in port, which enables continuous wired listening even if the battery is drained.  All these headphones are ready to pair when the instant Bluetooth is switched on. However, once they are paired, they remember the last paired device to which they were paired with.

About Philips TAPN505

  1. The headphone supports Google Assistant. Users just have to press a single button on the neckband to activate the assistant. You can ask the Google Assistant to open your calendar, read notifications from your phone, call or send message to friends
  2. It comes with Active Noise Cancellation and 14 hours of play time.
  3. You can take a call and pause your playlist.

About Philips TAPH802

  1. It comes with 30 hours of play time and so users can keep listening to their favorite songs from Monday to Friday.
  2. It comes with Noise and echo cancellation and always get a clear and undisturbed connection.
  3. These headphones come with boast soft ear-cups that fold neatly in two configurations.
  4. It comes with two levels of fast charging Rapid Charge and Quick Charge give you an extra 2 or 6 hours play time.
  5. It comes with soft ear-cup cushions cover your whole ear, creating a seal that passively isolates external noise. The headband is light, easily adjustable, and smooth.

About Philips TAPN402

  1. It comes with an oval acoustic tube and three sizes of interchangeable rubber earbud covers create a perfect seal.
  2. The headphones come with an IPX4 rating, which means they are resistant to sustained wetting.
  3. It fits perfectly around your neck.

Price and Availability:

The Philips TAPN505, TAPH802 and TAPN402 headphones are priced for INR 11,990, INR 10,990 and INR 7,990 respectively. The products are available across leading online and offline channel partners in the country.

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