How to Play YouTube in Background with Screen Off


This is rather curious since YouTube’s natural instinct has always been to freeze videos as soon as the screen goes out. To do it anyway, you must follow the guide to Play YouTube in Background.

Even though YouTube is the king of video streaming, there does come a time when you don’t actually need to stare at the screen to grasp the content i.e. music and podcasts. Sadly, you cannot minimize the app without pausing the stuff within, and the use of third-party apps can and presumably will amount to a task. Now, what must one do to fix that?

Here are the steps to Play YouTube in Background

Well, folks, do not fret just yet for YouTube has come up with a tiny bug using Google’s Chrome browser that lets you leave videos running in the background.

First and foremost, make sure the notifications are turned on for Chrome under the general app settings which should be on by default, ideally. Once you have seen the little volume icon come across when playing the video, know that you are set. Take yourself to the mobile YouTube website and choose the video you want to listen to. Stay on Chrome without opening up the YouTube application.

Next thing that needs to be done is pausing the video, before switching to another tab or app. You can continue listening to the video in the background by hitting play on the grounded volume notification. You need to Request Desktop Site turn on for this feature as shown in the images.It is essentially simple but in case you need another guide through, just go by the video on top! You can also control the playback from the lock screen and switch in and out of apps without disrupting the flow of the video.

Play-YouTube-in-Background-with-Screen-Off-techniblogicHaving said that, we have received, a mixed response on the outcome of this trick over ten different smartphones. While the Nexus devices have had trouble with this system, others such as the OEM devices like the Oneplus 3, Asus Zenfone 3 and the Samsung galaxy C9 Pro have seen success. The Nexus 5 running Marshmallow and the N Preview are not big fans of this trick and this possibly has to do with the manner in which notifications are handled.

Even then, it is a quick and simple way to go and at least, worth a shot if not anything more substantial. Give it a go and it shouldn’t be that bad, we say!

Try the trick and let us know how it went in the comments below.

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