Price Of the Noise Luna Ring Revealed In India

Price Of the Noise Luna Ring Revealed In India

In July of this year, Noise Luna Ring made its debut in India. The cost of the smart watch was first hidden from the public by the manufacturer. Customers who were interested in getting in first were instead provided a priority pass. Noise has now released the wearable’s final pricing, and consumers may use their tickets to get expedited fittings and shipping. Competition for the Luna Ring has arrived in the form of the Boat Smart Ring, which was introduced in the nation in August despite the fact that the smart ring market is still in its infancy. Companies like Apple and Samsung are also said to be developing competing devices.

Noisy Luna Ring Features and Specs

Infrared photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors, skin temperature sensors, and a three-axis accelerometer are just some of the sensors included into the Noise Luna Ring. The optomechanical design incorporates three LEDs, two PDs, and three bumps to keep the optical sensors in the correct position relative to the user’s finger.

According to the noise, the Noise Luna Ring can track over 70 different variables, including the user’s sleep, alertness, and activity levels. Activity monitors evaluate a user’s habits and provide tailored recommendations. In addition to measuring heart rate and oxygen saturation, the Luna Ring also has a temperature sensor to track user wellness. The NoiseFit program allows users to keep tabs on their information.

The smart accessory just needs 60 minutes to fully charge, yet it promises to last for seven days. It boasts water resistance of up to 50 meters (164 feet) and compatibility with Bluetooth Low-Energy 5 (BLE 5). The firmware of the Noise Luna Ring may be updated on a regular basis. The smart ring works with iPhone 7 and later models and all Android 6 and above devices. The thickness of the ring is 3 millimeters.

Noisy Luna Ring Price and Availability

Available now for Rs. 18,999 in India, the Noise Luna Ring comes in Lunar Black, Midnight Black, Rose Gold, Stardust Silver, and Sunlit Gold colorways. There are seven sizes of the ring to choose from. It’s notable for being costlier than the Boat Smart Ring (Rs. 8,999).

Priority Luna access pass buyers may now use their vouchers to obtain free shipment and a discount of Rs. 3,000, as reported by 91Mobiles. It is said that the pass would reimburse its holder for up to Rs. 2,000 in physical and liquid damages.

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