How to Reset Windows Login Password in 2 Ways

Method 1 Use Super-Admin Account

If you have ever come across a situation when you forget the password to your PC, then it is not only a mistake but can also lead to potential troubles. If you cannot recall your password immediately then you will not be able to access you important files, documents, worksheets on an emergency basis. Thus recovery of the password is what we are concerned about here in this article.  Read below to know the methods that would help you to reset your Windows password.

Method #1: Use Super-Admin Account

Method 1 Use Super-Admin AccountHere we would use super admin account which is a hidden default account. Read below to know how to use it to recover forgotten Windows password.

Step 1.Enter your admin account password 5 times wrong subsequently, and then press “Shift” key 5 times in a row. You will automatically be directed to the super admin account.

Step 2.With the help super-admin account, you can reset the password for the account you forgot from tools like computer management.

CONS: if you have not enabled the Super-admin account on your system before you forget the password, you will not be able to access this account and in most cases people do not even activate this option.

Method #2: Use of iSeePassword  Windows Password Recovery Pro

When you forget your Windows password, iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro is one of the most convenient utilities to reset your password.

This software is very much effective in resetting your Admin account password and normal user account passwords as well. It can reset password for mostly all the Windows operating system such as Widows 7/8/10 and even the older versions like Vista/XP as well. Not only that, the feature of this software extends further to support Windows server 2000/2003/2008/2013 in an appropriate manner.
Basically, iSeePassword does not require the locked computer but a different computer to do the task. Thus it saves you the trouble of performing the task on the locked computer which is very difficult to access.

The only pre-requisites for the proper usage of this software are a USB drive or CD/DVD disk with the software installed in it and a separate computer that you can access other than the computer which is locked.

In order to know the complete functionality of this powerful iSeePassword Utility, read below to know the method description:

Step 1. Firstly, download and install the Windows iSeePassword software on a separate computer that can be accessed perfectly with admin privileges unlike the locked one. Once the software has been installed appropriately with all the terms and conditions during installation, launch it with admin privileges.

Step 2.  In order to launch it with admin permission, right-click on the software icon and select “Run as Administrator”. You can now see the main interface window of the software.

Use of iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery ProStep 3. Now; insert a USB drive or CD/DVD. When you enter any of the drive as mentioned above, and run the program, you will be asked to select any particular media type to create the recovery disk.

Step 4. Let’s choose USB drive here for the disk creation, thus we would select “USB Device” button. From the context menu, select “USB drive” and click on “Burn USB” to start burning the ISO image files to the USB drive.

Step 5. When the burning of the disk process is finished, a pop up message will turn up as “Burning successfully” notifying that the disk is ready, click “OK” to finish the process. Now; insert the bootable USB drive to the computer that is locked.

Step 6. Boot your computer, and go to the BIOS settings by pressing the keys set for your computer system, such as F8 or F12 etc. depending upon the computer model you are using.

Step 7.Once you enter the settings choose from the “Boot Device Priority” drop down list, the type of media mode you are using here to carry out the resetting process. Choose USB or CD/DVD option.

windows biosStep 8. After you have changed the booting mode, reboot the computer, and this time the system will automatically start the Windows password recovery procedure. From the following Window that appears, select the account which you wish to set the password of, and click on “Reset Password” below it.

iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery ProStep 9. Click “Yes” when pop up message appears. Actually the password box for the target user will be blank. Now; click “reboot” to allow the computer to eject the disk, and click “Yes” to restart your computer. The computer will be started without the login password this time, and you can set the new password later on once you successfully enter into the system.


  • Instead of the locked computer, separate computer is needed to perform the function.
  • It supports mostly all the versions of Windows operating system.
  • It supports desktops, laptops, tablet PC’s like Dell, Toshiba, HP etc.
  • It can add and remove users from your computer permanently.


  • You can check all the usernames on your computer for free but if you want to unlock your computer then you will have to get a license to register the software.


As you can see password resetting for your OS is so important thus you need to rely on a way which has got no hassle and is user-friendly. Of the two methods discussed above in this article, the implementation of iSeePassword is comparatively the most effective choice if you safely and quickly want to reset your Windows password.

The other methods would too help you resolve your issue, but the degree of assurance that this product provides to the user is 100 % as you do not need to go through laborious technical complexities which is usually the case with other methods.

If you are satisfied with the article, feel free to subscribe to our website to know more wonderful software like iSeePassword and many more.

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