Revamp Your Home Cleaning with iRobot: Unbeatable Festive Deals by Puresight Systems

Sale Offers on iRobot Products

Puresight Systems, the exclusive distributor of iRobot products in India, is thrilled to unveil its highly anticipated festive sale, starting from September 8, 2023. This exclusive limited-time offer brings irresistible discounts on a broad spectrum of cutting-edge products in the Braava and Roomba series, including enticing combo 2-in-1 deals.

iRobot has consistently led the way in providing innovative home cleaning solutions to Indian households. This festive season, the company is excited to make advanced robotic cleaning technology even more accessible to consumers nationwide.

During this special sale, customers can take advantage of amazing bundle offers on iRobot products, allowing them to acquire a vacuum and a mopping model together for an exceptionally efficient cleaning experience. The bundled offers feature a generous discount of INR 19,900. Furthermore, there’s an extraordinary offer on the Roomba i3+ model, where customers can acquire the model with an autovac at a discounted price of just INR 29,900, representing a substantial discount of INR 15,000. Opting for this model grants customers up to 60 days of freedom from manual dust collection, thanks to the autovac feature that automatically takes care of it once the cleaning task is completed.

In addition to these remarkable offers, advanced models such as Roomba i7+, j7+, Combo j7+, Combo C7 & C7+, S9+, and Braava M6 are available at a discounted price of INR 5,000 each. Selected models like Roomba Combo i5, Roomba 69X, and Roomba j7 also feature a total discount of INR 2,000 each.

Product NameSelling PriceFestive price
 Roomba 69X ₹     16,900.00 ₹     14,900.00
 Roomba i3 ₹     24,900.00 ₹     23,900.00
 Roomba combo i5 ₹     34,900.00 ₹     32,900.00
 Roomba i7 ₹     39,900.00 ₹     34,900.00
 Roomba i3+ ₹     44,900.00 ₹     29,900.00
 Roomba i7+ ₹     59,900.00 ₹     54,900.00
 Roomba j7 ₹     59,900.00 ₹     57,900.00
Roomba combo j7₹     69,900.00 ₹     64,900.00
 Roomba j7+ ₹     74,900.00 ₹     69,900.00
Roomba combo j7+₹     89,900.00 ₹     84,900.00
 Roomba s9+ ₹  1,29,900.00 ₹  1,19,900.00
 Braava m6 ₹     49,900.00 ₹     44,900.00
Roomba i7 & Braava m6₹     89,800.00 ₹     69,900.00
Roomba s9+ & Braava m6₹ 1,79,800.00 ₹ 1,49,900.00

To ensure a convenient shopping experience, all individual offers will be accessible through both online and offline channels. Exclusive bundle offers, however, can be availed only through the official brand website and at Puresight showrooms and offline partner stores in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Mumbai.

Puresight Systems presents a diverse range of unique robotic vacuum and mopping robots, equipped with sophisticated features, to cater to customers worldwide. The recently launched Roomba Combo™ j7+ stands out as the world’s most advanced robot vacuum and mop, powered by iRobot OS intelligence, available in India. This exceptional model vacuums carpets first, then simultaneously vacuums and mops hard floors, saving users precious time. Its advanced sensors accurately detect floor types, while retractable mop arms prevent wet messes on carpets.

This festive sale offers the perfect opportunity for consumers to elevate their home cleaning experience with state-of-the-art iRobot products. Puresight Systems aims to enhance the quality of life for households by offering unbeatable discounts on these intelligent cleaning solutions.

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