Securing your Gmail Account after getting hacked

Securing your Gmail Account after getting hacked

Google mail is one of the best webmail application used all over worldwide, which allow the user to send or receive a message, videos and much more. With the help of it, the user can stay connected with their old friends and families. It offers many features to its user to better the experience.

What should you need to do if your account has been hacked? First, you immediately need to modify the password of your account and also need to modify the security question. Here we will provide you some essential steps in Gmail account security.

You need to check your computer’s security. Most cyberpunks take password data using different software’s that has been already installed on your desktop or mobile phone if you are using Smartphone. No matter which Operating System you use, make sure that you are using updated anti-virus programs. You need to choose the configuration that will update automatically your system when solutions of new security issues are available. You can also go for the free security software available. To find these, you need to type “free security software reviews’ into the search field of the Google.

You need to review that all OS are well installed and working properly. To find these, you need to enter the name of the OS and check for the updates in the Google. You need to configure your system to update automatically for new updates so that your system gets secured from new attacks as soon as possible.

You need to change your password immediately. Execute this after updating your anti-malware programs else hackers will again gain your new password as well. So, modify your password to recover hacked Gmail account.

  • Configure Strong passwords have to be hard to guess.
  • Configure your account password which is at least 10 characters long, and use capital or lower case letters, numbers and symbols in your password.
  • Don’t use words that can be easily found in a dictionary then, it’s simple for hackers to break.
  • You can also make shortcuts of phrases which help you to configure a strong password for your account, for example, Go8upGo8up2Day! Translates to got up, got up, today.

You must need to notify your contacts by sending an email to your contacts saying that your account is hacked. When you get an email which comes from your known then you will definitely access it and click on links within it – even if the subject sounds peculiar.

No prestigious bank or company is ever going to ask about your detail online: If you get any mail in your inbox with a link to one of these sites, then don’t click on it, instead of it use your search engine to visit on the site own your own and log in it. If the message was authorized, and then it will be waiting for you in your Gmail account. These are some important things which you should need to take care when your account has been compromised.


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