Skullcandy expands Sport Performance line with Method Wireless earbuds

Skullcandy expands Sport Performance line with Method Wireless earbuds

Skullcandy has taken a new step to its lifestyle audio earphones. The company has recently announced its Method Wireless earbuds, a Bluetooth version of the previously launched method earbuds. The method earbuds are the bestselling sports earbuds of Skullcandy so far.

The Method Wireless comes with a flexible and lightweight Flexsport collar, which also enables reduced part count in earbuds. The buds are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The DualLock technology gives added security and comfortable noise-isolating fit for long workout sessions. A Pureclean technology is built into the eargel to keep them clean. The earbuds have a battery life up to 8 hours, which is built in with a microphone so that you can take your call on the go. The device also has volume control buttons within easy reach.


The Method wireless is designed to be sturdy and at the same time deliver a great audio performance. The device is special for sports enthusiastic. The earbuds are constructed with sonically welded parts to keep out moistures like sweat and light rain. The device’s proprietary fir technology works best to keep the earbuds secure in place. The earbuds are available now online and also at some retailers store for 5,299 INR.

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