Skyball Launches First Home Audio Collection: High-Quality Sound at Affordable Prices

Skyball Launches First Home Audio Collection

Skyball, a cutting-edge consumer electronics company that specialises in high-quality sound for the house and high-tech accessories, has announced the release of its first home audio collection. Skyball’s first home audio line answers the needs of music lovers by giving them access to high-quality sound in the comfort of their own homes.

The high-quality sound and simple connection of these audio gadgets are worth the low starting price of $2,999 (MSRP). The collection has a broad selection of speakers, all of which have an attractive appearance that allows them to mix in with the decor of any room.

Skyball seeks to give clients with products that deliver great experiences at the most accessible price point, and it is a member of the premier OEM, Videomax International Pvt Ltd (VMI).

Mr Vinay Kapoor, CEO and Co-founder of Skyball, commented on the launch, saying, “We are pleased to introduce our portfolio of home audio devices to the Indian market. Superior sound quality, simple connection, and sleek, contemporary design are just a few of the ways in which our devices set the bar for audio enjoyment. We think our goods would be a good fit for Indian music lovers who are searching for high-quality audio equipment at a reasonable price.

Skyball Audio Products: Price and Availability

Skyball’s new line of audio equipment for the house can be purchased on The audio equipment has a one-year guarantee on repairs.

  • Mini Soundbar Neo20: ₹ 2,999 (MRP)
  • Party Box 60: ₹ 12,999 (MRP)
  • Party Pillar 1300: ₹ 12999 (MRP)
  • Party Pillar 1200: ₹ 10,999 (MRP)
  • Party Pillar 1100: ₹ 8,999 (MRP)

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