Socket That can be Used in 150 Countries by STK


STK a leading of mobile phone accessories brand expands its travel range with the World Travel Charger. You must be think what it is, So it is a smarter solution that allows you charge all your devices at any part of the world. Its is being designed as a part of a travel accessories.

It is convenient and easy to use, as its’s 3-part design is allows you to change into another plug without and problem. As it can be broken down into three different parts it’s highly portable among travelers. Smart block is perfect for those who are always on the go.


The smart block adapter enables you to charge your devices worldwide in over 150 countries like Europe, Australia, United Kingdom, USA etc. It also has a built-in safety fuse which protect you from some short circuiting (in any case). It also allows the AC power to be used as a USB charging, by giving additional USB port in it. Plug your any of your appliance into the AC power port and you can even charge your other mobile devices, tablets, cameras etc. via the USB ports. The USB port can support a maximum output of 1.0A (which is quite low in my scenario).

Its has a compact design that makes smart block the perfect travel accessory bringing hassle free experience while you are global vacations. It has a International (UK) standard of quality. The product is available with leading retail and etail stores in India.


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