Top 10 SEO Trends That Will Dominate The Web In 2016

Top 10 SEO Trends That Will Dominate The Web In 2016

The world of SEO is speculated to having witness major advancements in the year 2016. These latest SEO trends are surely going to influence a large section of web development industry.

No other words except Evolution can define the introduction of these new SEO trends in 2016. Undoubtedly, the advancement in technology has inspired manifold inventions and improvements in the web development industry. Major updates like Mobilegeddon and 3-pack results algorithm by Google, W3C compliancy, content quality update, etc. have significantly helped in paving way for the futuristic growth of web development industry on the basis of web ranking.

Moreover, there have been a lot of inventions introducing new technologies and devices that have assisted in shaping the future of search option. No wonder this year 2016 too is speculated to experience some landmark shifts in the realm of search.

Are you still unaware of the predicted latest trends? No worries, we have tried to cover up the top 10 SEO trends that will dominate the web in 2016.

1. Higher Indexing Of Social Content

According to some sources, Google has already set its deal with duo social media giants namely Facebook and Twitter for indexing. Don’t be surprised if you see tweets in your result suggestion box. Posts carrying social contents will now be considered same as that of other SEO generated ones.

2. Prioritizing Mobile Optimization than Desktops

 Prioritizing Mobile Optimization than DesktopsOver the past few years, the number of net mobile users have significantly increased that has indirectly led to the rising figure of mobile searches. Evidently, mobile searches surpassed the number of desktop searches this year. And, this figure of mobile searches is definitely going to grow with the increase in number of mobile devices. Moreover, the tech-giant Google has also claimed that it is not just necessary to own a desktop-specific website instead it’s better to have a responsive one that provides uniform experience on all devices.
Take a look at these convincing stats:

  • It has been reported by that 4 out of 5 consumers actively do shopping through smartphone.
  • A survey by says that approximately 70% of mobile searches have given outputs within an hour of search.
  • over suggests that more than 1.2 billion people are accessing web on their mobile devices.
  • According to, out of the total Global mobile traffic, 15% is due to the Internet only.

3. Videos Are Expected To Reign The Race For ROI In Comparison With Content

Considering the current trends, videos are significantly considered more influencing than the written content. Though we cannot deny the fact that a good content in the form of infographics, videos, images, etc. is still a baseline for many leading brands. But as the trends suggest, visual content is going to outpace written content in terms of proximity to customer, user-engagement, and scope.

4. Digital Assistants Redefining The Search Query Features

The modern search engine assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google Now, etc. are now getting more popular among people these days. They have simplified the search for users and made it complex for developers as it will be easier for the user to give spoken commands rather than writing it and for developers, it would get complex to provide supportive data for all spoken languages and keywords in term of SEO. This trend would help pages with conversational and audio content to get indexed over the SERP.

5. Deep Links In Apps Will Be Prioritized

Nowadays, almost all businesses from a small enterprise to a big commercial set up are heading on to possess their own personalized apps linked to their main website. Links are created to redirect a user to the app page from within the content, these are called deep links. Optimizing app is simpler and more influencing than websites.

6. Aggregation Of Content Will Get Better

85% of the total Google search results come from the social media, Wikipedia, local, news, images, maps, etc. And as far as data aggregation is concerned, users are looking forward to one stop information solution that gives them all desired information at one place. This intensified aggregation of data should be done from authorized & high-quality sources.

7. Local Search Option By Google Will Expand

mobile trends local searchFor a long time now, Google has been fervently working to provide improved local search features. And being a successful businessman, you need to be known by the Google of your location and offerings. To simplify this task, local pages are created to exhibit your address, business, etc. on SERP. According to the latest surveys, almost 50% of mobile searches are done to find local results, which totally reflects that local pages can readily improve the customer engagement and ranking of the business.

8. Interactive Content Will Be More Prioritized

Interactive contents like infographics, quizzes and contests are supposed to gain huge popularity among the users and on the searches. These type of contents would engage more people to interact with the brand. No wonder using such interactive content would definitely improve the indexing of your website.

9. Direct Answers Are Becoming Popular

mobile trendsDirect answers to the questions is a preferred SERP feature in current time. See below an example of how and what direct answers work. The marked content in the box is a direct answer to the question “What is web design”.

10. Google’s Penguin Algorithm To Be Introduced

This algorithm pattern of Google was first introduced in 2012; however, it didn’t get famous that time due to untimely updates. The penguin algorithm is expected to go “real-time”.
Conclusion: Being a businessman, you should know of these top SE0 trends to leverage your business presence at the top of various search engines. A good ranking website enhances your business’s credibility and influence in the market. It is highly advised to get updated with these latest trends in order to pace up your website for future run. Moreover, the better your SEO strategies would be, more will be the benefits.

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