Top 5 Yoga Apps for fitness freaks/ yoga enthusiasts

Top 5 Yoga apps

If you are a fitness freak or a yoga enthusiast, you always need something which will motivate you so here we have five apps that will make your life easier by make you learn and practice these exercise. The main aim of these apps are to design and make you understand about asanas while doing yoga. It will ultimately helps track the workout and will count your calories burnt.

So here are the apps:

NexGTv’s Yoga app

Yoga apps

If you want to live fit and love doing yoga instead of going gym, then for pro yoga asanas nexGTv, has just come up with there new nexGTv Yoga app. This app will help nexGTv user to learn yoga and its different techniques by some extreme professional videos which are present over there by Baba Ramdev and Mukul Dev, some of the celebs are also being added such as Shilpa Shetty and Bipasha Basu.

Daily Yoga App

Yoga app 1

It offers a complete guide of offers library, where there is of more than 50 yoga classes and 400 plus workouts. This app includes HD videos with some added soulful background music for motivation and calmness. It comes up with 7 days yoga plan divided into different parts like beginners, advance and various other and as per it the duration and intensity is being fixed.

Universal Breathing: Pranayama

Yoga Apps 2

These day yoga and being fit is the main aim for every person. Yoga is the only technique which focuses more on breathing patterns and there problems. There for to make people more aware about it here us a application named Universal Breathing app which helps you to master the technique. It offers different exercises designed around the ‘Pranayama’ method specially for breath control. The app includes well patterned courses with short exercises with a timer and an animated guide. you can also track you progress in the app.

5-minute Yoga

5 Mins Yoga

Sadhguru a 5-minute yoga app which is available for IOS and Android is based on Upa-Yoga which has more focus on physical and psychological benefits. All this apps says that you just need  5 minutes every day to make yourself fit and healty by practicing 5 minute Upa-Yoga. The app offers guidelines and explaining videos which will help you do the asanas in a right way.

Yoga at Work

Yoga at Office

Those who are stuck in there work and never get time from office then this one is for you Yoga app by Guru Inc. offers very simple, 10-minute yoga workout lessons which can be done in midday or in between breaks any time any place. There is a animated character who demonstrates stretches and different poses which will ultimately help you keep fit. Yiu can even do these at your work without disturbing anyone.

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