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Top YouTube Editing Software You Can Rely on [2022 Edition]

With the growth in technology and software over the years, people have many avenues to pursue their interests- that’s true. Among the platforms, YouTube is grown into one of the top mediums of expression and engagement for most through videos. Whether you are posting a personal storytime video or a clip from a movie, it is possible to gain an audience here as long as you concentrate on the quality of content and videos.

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For this, using the best editing software for youtube is vital. If you are unsure about which one should get that title, here is a list of multiple trustworthy top-rankers concerning video editing. Know what they offer first. 

Top YouTube video editing software for Windows 

You can find the best video editor for windows from this list. Many of them come with rich feature libraries and advantages in specific aspects. Choose that suits your requirement the most. 

Wondershare Filmora

When it comes to video creation and editing work, the Filmora video editor is a top-level choice in many ways. For one, it has a host of advanced functionality that allows users to create professional-level videos with stunning transitions and effects. With a user-friendly interface, beginners find this extremely useful if they do not have diverse editing skills to make such customizations themselves.

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Users can efficiently operate Filmora to add various effects and royalty-free sound/images to the video for engaging and fun transitions between screens. Track the motion of characters for specialized editing and benefit from the other AI-based functions, like Auto Beat Sync and AI Portrait. Get the final output of the videos at the highest quality as well. 

YouTube Editing Software


  • Use the Instant mode to get quick and AI-built editing video clips in some clicks. 
  • New OpenFX plug-ins (NewBlue FX & Boris FX) allows users to get access to a variety of video effects that are useful for enhancing video look and quality. 
  • Use text-to-speech and speech-to-text features for simple subtitle generation within 5000 characters and 30 minutes.
  • Adjust the speed of the video to extremely low or very swift, adjusting the keyframes as needed. 


  • Even the lowest tier plan offers multiple advanced functions to users, like speed ramping, motion tracking, etc. 
  • An extensive list of image/video/audio formats is supported for import/export.
  • After editing, directly share the final video on YouTube or other accounts/local drives.  


  • One could remove watermarks from videos if they paid for premium plans. 

Adobe Premiere Pro 

Another industry-standard Windows video editor to trust is Premiere Pro. It is possible to use this library of video creation and editing tools to the highest limit and create aesthetic and quality-rich videos. That’s why most professional content creators or filmmakers choose Adobe Premiere Pro to deliver cool videos within teams or groups.

Users can operate the different Creative Cloud tools and plugins besides the 100 GB of available cloud storage. But you have to upgrade for more specialized feature access. 

YouTube Editing Software


  • Access to Adobe Creative Cloud benefits is available, with all its features and tools at one’s disposal. 
  • Browse through the libraries of assets and fonts in the Creative Cloud applications. 
  • Reliable and unique design assets like patterns, icons, and vector graphics are present. 


  • Customize different types of creative projects with various editing tools. 
  • Use royalty-free images, songs, etc., while using Adobe Premiere Pro. 
  • Helpful tutorials and videos are available as references. 


  • Users can use other Adobe-based products as add-ons only. 
  • The advanced plans are best suited for professional teams. 
  • Beginners may find it complex to get started with Adobe Premiere Pro, as it’s not easy for one to master this video editing tool.

Sony Vegas Pro 

Sony Vegas Pro comes with diverse top-grade functions for video editors and streamers. It includes AI-assisted tools that offer different benefits to users for video editing. Besides getting such automaton benefits, you can use access to different tools like BorisFX Primatte Studio for further customizations. 

YouTube Editing Software


  • Access to various levels of add-ons, from ActionVFX to BorisFX.
  • The app can efficiently detect scenes for better optimization. 
  • Get noise reduction and video stabilization features for videos. 
  • HDR-quality color grading and correction.  


  • Automatically choosing projects to start editing. 
  • Use the speech-to-text function for adding text to video files. 
  • An unlimited amount of stock content is available. 


  • It can become complex to handle for beginners. 
  • Certain functions like music editing and mastering functions require extra payment. 

Best video editors for YouTube on Mac 

Mac users need the best video editor for YouTube as well. On that note, these are the best options available. 


iMovie is beneficial for creating movie-like projects with pre-set features and effects. Mac users can benefit from the Magic Movie and Storyboard benefits available on this video editor. The drawback is that you have few choices when it comes to transitions or effects.

YouTube Editing Software


  • Pre-built storyboards for themed video editing. 
  • Use picture-in-picture or split-screen here. 
  • Output videos in HD/4K resolutions. 
  • Easily add cast names, titles, ending credits, etc., while creating videos. 


  • Stylish and unique filters are available for video optimization. 
  • Free to use. 
  • Enhance specific elements or faces in videos with high-precise zooming and face detection benefits. 


  • All features and additional tools are oriented towards macOS systems. 
  • The device needs at least 3.5 GB of free storage area for installation and usage. 

Final Cut Pro 

Final Cut Pro is the best video editing software for YouTube that Mac users can benefit from. Simple to use but with a variety of premium-level video editing functions, this is suitable for all Mac users for quick and effective YouTube content creation. 

YouTube Editing Software


  • Access to royalty-free music and other elements. 
  • Rich library of pre-built filters and effects. 
  • Support for high-level HDR colorspaces. 
  • Edit the background audio for multiple files. 


  • Share final files across different platforms smoothly. 
  • Automated noise reduction and audio correction help. 
  • Simple interface for organizing the media tools. 


  • Import dialogs do not include easy-search functions. 
  • The cost is very high. 

Best video editors for YouTube on iOS and Android  

Many professionals are always on the go, so trying to find a complete system or carting their laptops around everywhere is not suitable. In this case, a YouTube video editor for Android/iOS devices is the better alternative. Here is the top one in that regard.


Users get various filters and effects to add to shorter videos that they want to edit on the go. The process is simple to handle due to the easy-to-use interface here. You can also add elements like stickers, emojis, and text. 


  • Create trendy and attractive Animoji-based selfie videos through the AR camera. 
  • Add catchy songs in the background of videos.
  • High-quality color and effect correction. 
  • Add various effects and filters.  


  • Works on iOS/Android devices. 
  • Directly upload to linked social media apps. 
  • Diverse transition effects are available. 


  • IAPs are distracting. 
  • Watermarks are challenging to remove. 


Now that we have covered the more robust, usable software options to try, it is time for you to decide which to use. You can try the best one for mobile-based editing or choose specific software that works on your specific PC. It is best to choose one that offers diverse functions and a user-friendly user experience, so consider that as well.

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